Monday, 11 June 2007

Taer on my Pillow...

I just saw Jason Donovan. Sorry, so excited.

But back to more pressing matters at hand. As you might have noticed, I'm a touch fickle and always looking for the next best thing to rev up my routine. Skincare has always been a touchy subject for me with regards to recommending it - I think everyone's skin is so different, it's hard to say that what works for me will work for you but recently I've fallen for a really amazing range that I would happily recommend to anyone.

Taer Icelandic is pure, simple and wonderful. I've been using the 24 Hour Cream in a day time and the Restore and Replenish at night for the last month or so and really have noticed a fresher, clearer complexion. The formula is full of wonderful natural things like chickweed, ladies mantel, yarrow, horsetail (?) and lavender and most importantly, (and this is a direct 'they say') All herbs used in the Tær range of products have the coveted Organic Product of Iceland mark.


The smell put me off a little at first (it's a touch medicinal) but my mother did always say if it doesn't smell/taste nice, it's probably good for you... and she's definitely right.
And now I kind of like it! Plus the heavy pale green jars definitely reek of something - super class. I'm addicted. I'm looking forward to rocking the hydrate and comfort mask on my trip over to New York on Saturday - oh, did I not mention that? ha! I'll totally be mentioning it all week now...

But back to my love of Taer, it really is a beautiful range.
And Icelandic men ain't bad either.
Maybe they're short of beauty journos over there...


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