Monday, 18 July 2011

Festival Must Haves

This weekend I braved my first festival in four years and I can’t actually believe I did it. The last time I went to a music festival (Reading, 2007) someone threw a bottle of wee at my head on the way into the arena on the first day and on the second night, someone came into our tent to ask if we had something I could use as drumsticks. At four in the morning. He got a kick in the face for his trouble. And I got my tent weed on in retaliation.

But alas, alack, I returned to the festival circuit but this time as an actual act! Someone people allegedly want to see! I don’t know that it’s true but someone at Latitude apparently believed it was. Still, at least I was better prepared than I was in 2007... Disposable contact lenses and pop-up tents can change your life.

As well as the wee-themed 2007 trip to Reading, I’ve got a few other festivals under my belt and I’m well aware of their beauty shortcomings. In fact, who are we kidding, beauty? I’m well aware of their hygiene shortcoming. I consider myself lucky not to have home stinking and diseased. As I was trying to carry as little as possible and yet achieve some sort of ‘I’m not a skank, honest’ effect*, this is what I had in my (shudder) backpack.

- Neutrogena Face Wipes

- Elemis Lavender Toner

- La Mer SPF 30 Fluid

- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

- Crappy shower gel from Duane Reade

- Neutrogena SPF 100 Spray

- Avon SSS Bug Spray

- Nars The Multiple mini in Orgasm

- Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara in Black

- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

- Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in Noka

- Dior Lip Glow

- Jurlique Anti-Bacterial Gel

I’ve always been a big fan of big, dark eyes at festivals. If ever there was a place where you can get away with the ‘yeah, I slept in my eyeliner and it looks awesome’ look, it’s at a festival. Of course, while slept in is a good look, it’s not an ideal scenario for your skin so the wipes are essential. Granted I think the shower gel is a bit of a stretch, in ten years I haven’t seen running water at a festival that hasn’t reduced me to tears. This year wasn't that different. So. Much. Mud.

*I was supposed to be reading with Helen Fielding. She didn't show. I think that's because Bridget v. v. hates camping. It's not a mini break, is it?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Elemis Fresh Skin + Signed Book Giveaway Take 2

It's been an odd old Saturday so here's some good news.
The winner of our second Elemis Fresh Skin giveaway and signed book (as pulled out of a hat by our cat*) is...

Lindsay Rogers!

Back to proper blogging next week. It's too hot to live right now. Well, not live but you know what what I mean. Wah, wah, etc, etc.

*I'm thinking Riddley needs her own column - she is very particular in her make up preferences and only chews on my best brushes. The cow.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Colour Xtreme Summer Hair Winner

Hurrah! We have a winner! What a lovely way (for me because I'm lazy) to start a Tuesday!

The winner, as pulled out of an Urban Outfitters straw trilby I bought in TExas and never wore because it look awful is... CATH BORE!
Congrats, Cath, I'll email for your details.

Sorry if you didn't win, don't be sad, lots more competitions to come.
Might just try to finish this book first...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Elemis Fresh Skin + Signed Book Giveaway

So, you remember when we did the Elemis Fresh Skin giveaway a couple of weeks ago?
Well, to celebrate the 4th of July weekend here in the US and Canada Day in my beloved Canadialand, we're doing the SAME THING AGAIN but here in North America!

So email me at with the subject 'I want awesome skin' for your chance to win a full set of Elemis Fresh Skin goodies and a signed copy of The Single Girl's To-Do List.

I managed to sneak ten minutes into my London trip to have a look at the new Elemis ranges that are coming up and sweet Jebus, they're delicious. Am obsessed with the new Revive shower gel but I'll tell you all abut that later...

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