Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chemistry: Clinique Selfridges Event!

Is there nothing Selfridges will not do for us?

As if they weren't lightening our lives enough by simply existing, this Friday and Saturday, the lovely people at Selfridges, combined with the lovely people at Cinique, will be offering one-on-one appointments with Dr David Orentreich (aka really rather fabulous New York dermatologist).

When: Friday 3 and Saturday 4 October 2008

Appointments from 11am – 7pm

Where: Clinique Counter, Selfridges

400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB

Call the Clinique counter at Selfridges on 020 7318 3704
Appointments cost:

(Redeemable against purchase at Clinique in Selfridges that day).

For two days only, Dr. Orentreich will be appearing in store alongside the Clinique Skin Care Experts for exclusive appointments, including a full skin care consultation, foundation fitting and quick colour application with a specially trained Clinique Expert.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to consult the experts about your skin concerns, whether it is redness; blemishes; lines and wrinkles; discolouration or just how to maintain healthy skin.

If I weren't actually in New York, I'd totes be there stocking up on the new Superdefense moisturiser. LOVE it.
Love you too Selfridges x x x

Monday, 29 September 2008

Design and Technology: Karpati

It's not often I am amazed by something (that isn't Peter Petrelli with his top off) but bugger me backwards, someone has had an amazing idea.

Karpati is a fab new nail range. So far, so it must be Monday, right?
WRONG. Not only are these nail colours a) super pretty and b) all natural with no nasty chemicals to seep through your nail bed and into your sweet self, they have the most amazing packaging that is about to change your life. Basically, you slip it onto your hand like a ring (or a super attractive knuckle duster) and ta-da! No need for a flat surface.

So fab is the packaging, it has been included in my all time favourite museum, MoMA in New York (where I will be visiting on FRIDAY for my BIRTHDAY and will take a pic of me pointing at the wondrous stuff to prove it). And so fab are the super lovely classic colours that they have been included in my nail care regime.
It doesn't get any more exclusive than that.

The colours are £9.95 each and available at www. karpati.com

Home ec: Origins Ginger Knits

We're doing our bit for charity today and handing the blog over to Origins to promote their rather fabby Ginger prods...

This December Origins will be donating £1 from the sale of every Origins Ginger Essence™ Sensuous skin scent (50ml, 100ml), Origins Ginger Essence™ Intensified Fragrance Spray (50ml) and Origins Ginger Days gift set to the housing and homelessness charity Shelter. Look out for these special Origins Ginger Essence™ bottles instore keeping warm under a homemade festive woolly scarf. All fragrance bottles will come with a cute, cosy, hand-knitted scarf in festive Christmas colours and will be available in all Origins stores and at www.origins.co.uk from 1st – 24th December 2008.

So there you have it, you get to buy the perfect Christmas present and feel all warm and fluffy about doing a Good Thing all at the same time.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Biology: Darphin 8 Flower Nectar

I couldn't work out which lesson kids studied plants in these days so I've gone for Double Modular Science, from my own GCSE days. (My only B, sob, all the others were As and A* because I am a swot). You get a bit of everything thrown in and I figured that would make sense as this product has lots of bits (well, eight) and is pretty darn amazing...

Darphin's 8 Flower Nectar is one of those super swank, super lush products that actually does what it says on the tin. Or rather beautiful box and exquisitely pretty bottle.
According to Darphin, 8 Flower Nectar is a rare and aromatic precious elixir of youth and a revolutionary approach to the fight against visible signs of aging. Formulated to help provide the skin with added vital energy and harmony; resulting in an improved youthfulness and natural radiance.
Who doesn't love that?

According to me, the combination of ylang-ylang, patchouli, neroli, rose, jasmine, ever-lasting, iris and lavender is just delish. The oil immediately soothes and softens skin, giving me that elusive celebrity glow. The base oils are equally yummy, extracts of date, avocado and cranberry help preserve the Omega 3 and 6 oils which make for younger, firmer looking skin. I can't wait to see what the long term effects are, well, aside from raising my overdraft limit... at £80 a pop, this isn't cheap but you really really do get what you pay for from skincare.

And did I mention it's pretty?

Masterclass with Bobbi Brown

Wowsers, now this is an event worthy of Beauty School...

I can't tell you how much I love Bobbi Brown. Her oil free foundation in Porcelain is one of the few 'off the peg' formulations pale enough for my skin and I live and die by her Blue Raspberry blush palette from last year's collection. I will fr-eeeeeeeak out when I hit pan on that one. So you can imagine how freaking excited I am about the event at Harrods this weekend...


As part of the exciting in-store line up of events at Harrods this month, Bobbi Brown will be putting on a spectacular demonstration. Head of Artistry for Bobbi Brown and make up artist to the stars, Paul Herrington, will be giving a supreme make up Masterclass at the Georgian Restaurant in Harrods at 3pm this Sunday 28th September.

Direct form the shows of New York and London, Paul will be teaching the tricks of the trade on how to create the most beautiful make up to dazzle through the party season. Seats are limited so please hurry, why not take a friend along. This is the perfect way to learn how to get red carpet-ready and learn tricks from one of the most in-demand make up artists in the industry.

To book your complimentary seat, call the Bobbi Brown counter at Harrods on 0207 3183468. No purchase necessary, no booking fee, all customers who attend will receive an invitation to have a personalised make up lesson with a Bobbi Brown artist in Harrods.

Mew! See you there!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Calligraphy: Colorsport

Have you seen all this nonsense about diplomas and vocational courses in schools these days?
Bring back the oldies, I say, running round the village in the pissing down wind in nought but a pair of pants and then lines.

Behold my tenuous link to... calligraphy! I have been all kinds of crazy for eyeliner of late (having learnt how to apply it properly) and am especially loving the Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner. I've flirted with this before but always put it back in the drawer after a couple of uses because, to be honest, I'm a bit shit with eyeliner. But not anymore! And the best bit about this bad boy is that once it's on, it's ON. I even wore it on a PLANE and it didn't budge. Awesome. Can't complain at that for £6.99 a pop and you can get them from Boots, Sainsbury's and Asda (which means you can slip one in the shopping basket when your boyfriend isn't looking).

And as a blue eyed girl, I've also come to love brown eye colours and they have forgiven me for writing them off as boring for the last twelve years, so the brown option is super good in a day time and I like to whack the black on for a night out. Perfecto for all the Christmas parties that will soon... YAY CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Home Ec: Delicious Beauty

I am having a touch time sticking to anything approximating a healthy eating campaign at the moment... I don't know if it's the weather turning crappy, my manic lifestyle or, well, the fact that Wispas are back in the shops, but whatever it is, it's HARD.

But when my willpower breaks down, there's somewhere I can always turn for a quick sugar fix and that's Delicious Beauty. The gorgeous Coconut & Shea prods are just made to fix those sweet cravings, especially the bath cubes (deliciously retro) and as much I HATE to talk about it because beauty should never be squeezed, the prices are credit crunch friendly, with all the scrubs and body butters in the range available at Tesco for just £4.99. And should you already be thinking about it, they make great stocking fillers i.e. I would like to receive them please.

God, I could go for a big fluffy coconut bath right now...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Art: Marimekko at Avon

Like Finnish designers?
Like make up?
Like not getting off your arse to buy said make up?
Do I have a feature for you!

Marimekko has created some gorgeous, exclusive, limited edition, super spesh prods for Avon this Autumn. Well, it's out now but hey, have you looked outside? It's Autumn, people.

The collection interprets Marimekko's unique philosophy - design that creates beauty in people's every day lives. You know, like watching Heroes every day to get a peep at Milo Ventimiglia. (That is what it means, right?). I digress, each piece features the iconic Unikko design with a unique , fresh colouring for Avon and there are four limited edition colour products including an eyeshadow palette, face powder and mascara to collect.

Aww, pretty.
Almost as pretty as Milo Ventimiglia.
Buy Buy Buy online at avonshop.co.uk!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

History: John Lewis Beauty Icons

Those lovely people are John Lewis are going above and beyond this week to make our lives easier.
From the 13th (I'm slack, I know, okay?) until the 27th September, there will be all kinds of in-store events, special offers and beauty tutorials to help you make the most of those cult classics that should be in everyone's beauty bag. Or drawer. Or cabinet. Or trunk.

My personal highlights...

Clinique's new diagnostic centre. The nice ladies at Clinique can sit you down, whether you've got five minutes or half an hour and give you a custom-fit consultation. You'll also get a free powder brush and luxury portable powder to take away. Who doesn't love freebies??

My beloved Prescriptives are launching the new Super Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting Concentrate (try saying that drunk) exclusively at John Lewis for the next fortnight. And if you run along and purchase before it goes national, you'll get a free Colourprint and foundation sample.

Laura Mercier will be launching her new Cherries Noir collection and will have fabu make up artists in store on the following dates: Oxford Street: 18 - 20th September, Nottingham: 19- 20th September.

The divine, and exclusive to John Lewis, Belle En Rykiel from Sonia Rykiel is offering an exclusive Sonia Rykiel lingerie bag and boxed miniature EDP and EDT with any fragrance purchase.

What are you waiting for?
What do you mean you have to work? Pull a sickie, immediately!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

PE: Sure Girl

You might have noticed but I'm sort of in a dilemma at the moment. On one hand, I'm refusing to admit I'm a grown up but on the other, I'm constantly carrying around a spare pair of contact lenses, a touche eclat and deodorant in case I don't make it home (wash our your mind, I'm staying with friends a lot).

Happily both of the reasons tie in nicely with the new Sure Girl range. The cute can is designed to fit in a school bag but it will also hide away in your handbag just as well, plus, all three variants smell nice and look pretty. Who doesn't love that? I'm currently toting around Crazy Violet (crisp melon and cucumber) and have Fun Spirit (floral and citrus) in my work drawer for pre-drinks spritzes. Tropical Power (fruity floral) resides in my travel bag... well, there's just not much about London that's very Tropical right now, is there?

And in case you're having terrifying flashbacks to Impulse Vanilla kisses (the official scent of my year ten class) the scents were designed by Ann Gottieb, who has created perfumes for Calvin Klein, Dior, Clinique and Clarins. You can't say fairer than that, can you?

Grab a can for a bargainous £1.75 from all major supermarkets and chemists.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

(You can't mistake my) Biology

Sigh, a Girls Aloud reference and Beauty School link all in one.
Now, now, settle down class. Pens and pencils out, you'll need to take notes, today we're starting an experiment.

According to the lovely (and they are lovely) people at Antistax, we ladies are currently enduring a silent epidemic. Our legs ache and we're not complaining about it. Now no sniggering in the back Child, we really are suffering and while it might seem like nothing much, tired, aching legs aren't something you just have to live with. Oh yes, there is a solution! Antistax is a dietary supplement containing Red Vine leaf, an antioxidant that helps the walls of your leg veins function properly, keeping your circulation going and therefore (see, I'm a scientist) avoiding the tired heavy feeling that comes from lazy circulation.

And so I hypothesize that, after taking Antistax capsules daily for three months, I will:
1. Make it through the party season in heels and not resort to flats at the last minutes because 'my legs are killing'
2. Not sob at the thought of climbing a hill AND three flights of stairs to get home
3. Lessen the chance of spider veins, varicose veins and other such nasties in later life because I'm doing something positive about my leg health now

Natch, you're going to have to hang around BeautyMecca for another twenty years if you want to see how the last one pans out but I should have some results on the first two in the next six weeks or so... I will be supplementing the capsules with the AMAZING lovely and refreshing foot and leg spray (especially before I slip into those heels) and a nice massage with the Cooling Leg Gel whenever I can convince someone to give me one. A leg massage that is.

Check out leghealthcentre.co.uk and pick up some Antistax capsules from one of those good old chemists, supermarkets or health stores if you want to play along!

Monday, 8 September 2008

We're going back, back, back to school

Yes, so I ran a Beauty School theme last September and I liked it so much, I'm doing again, okay?
If nothing else, it helps me feel a little bit closer to those bygone days when I wandered through the village on the way to school wearing so much mascara I couldn't even blink.
And oh my, the Rimmel silver liquid liner from my Kenickie inspired sixth form years. They did a young colours range, can't remember what it was called, UR or RU, I think. Gorge. So many interesting looks.

Anyway, I'm trading in my text book for a foundation brush and taking you back to basics.
We'll be looking at Chemistry, Biology, PE, Art (probably a lot of art because this is a tenuous premise at best), English, Make Up Maths and much more.

I expect you here bright and early in the morning... dead on the dot of, well, what is it now, about 12.00? Meh, 12.00ish then.
This is why I'd be a shit teacher.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello, Autumn

Okay, I've just decided to accept it.
Autumn is here, I'm wearing tartan and black opaque tights. Time to embrace it.

Happily, the season seems to have brought with it The Best Skin I've Ever Had. I can't work it out. Honestly, I see my reflection and can't move in case I'm dreaming it. Trying really hard to work out what I'm doing differently so I can share it with you and I've got it down to one of a couple of things:

Dr Bragi Age Management System - if it is this, I'll spill next week and then we'll all go bankrupt trying to maintain whatever witchcraft is has performed on my skin. But it will be worth it.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - I've been using this for ages but I guess there's a chance it's just starting to kick in?

Smashbox Photofinish Primer - Moving house has been AWESOME for finding things I'd forgotten about, this being my favourite rediscovery. I don't know if it's making my skin look all flawless and dewy but it is responsible for my make up still being on at the end of the day.

Putting my foundation of properly - Okay, whatever. I've been, for some unknown reason, probably because I found a fresh pack when I moved, applying my foundation with a sponge this week and I am getting a better finish and longer lasting effects. I'm thinking about trying out a brush - what do you reckon?

So I'm leaning towards the Dr Bragi but you never know.
God knows it's not my healthy, sleep-filled lifestyle...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Paula Dorf Lash Color

Aren't you just loving this Indian summer we're having?

Luckily I've hit on a new fabbity fab mascara which is powering through the windy rain and muggy heat. Paula Dorf's Lash Color is bee-yoo-tiful. Aside from the tube being oddly tactile (yes, I'm a perv for packaging, I know), the product itself is great - it's smudge-proof, water reistent, doesn't upset my contact lenses but still creates thick, luscious lashes that I can bat come rain or shine.

Plus the colour choices make me hungry, chocolate, licorice or blackberry, yum. Find out more at skinbrands

Cowshed Goodness!

Yay! Our lovely friends at Cowshed have relaunched all of their pretty, pretty ranges to be free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and artificial colours and fragrances.

Also, joining Moody Cow (my mum was very amused when I bought this for her), Wild Cow and Horny Cow are the lovely Knackered Cow, Lazy Cow and Grumpy Cow ranges and the really rather fabulous Bullocks for Men line.

I have dreams of hanging out at the Cowshed spa in Soho House, New York once I'm a super famous author (insert guffaw here) or dropping into the London outpost for a quick massage to perk up my aching creative bones... until then I'll just rock on with the Lazy Cow bath and massage oil whilst burning my Grumpy Cow candle.

I may also begin referring solely to being in a bad mood as 'burning my Grumpy Cow candle' because as I typed that, I realised it was awesome.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Trilogy Everything Balm

Oh my god, I am so tired today. Is it REALLY Monday?
And I didn't even have a hectic weekend, just a lovely, lovely wedding on Friday and then a very chilled out couple of days of writing. Bliss.

What was less chilled was this morning - please don't laugh but I had a photoshoot. No really, me. Pictures of me. It was for my book (out next July!) and apparently people may want to know what I look like. Mew. Let's hope photoshop is forgiving. Unfortunately, due to my sleepiness, I did not have a lot of time to beautify myself (I know, for shame) but I did have the next best thing, Trilogy's Everything Balm.

I am all about this bad boy. No time for a manicure? Rub a little of the balm into your cuticles and nail beds for a pretty shine. No lipgloss? Rub some on your pout for a soft sheen. Need a healthy glow, add a tiny amount to your cheekbones. And that's before you start using it as a really rather fab intensive moisturiser on dry skin. And if you have one of those small people (aka babies) it's alternative to Vaseline.

And as per all the wonderful products in the Triology range, wherever possible the ingredients are certified organic and natural. The Everything Balm includes Omega 3 and 6, coconut oil, beeswax, olive, rosehip, evening primrose and jojoba oils, vitamin e and honey. aMogst other things.

And as if it wasn't enough that it's all round generally amazing, the damn thing now comes in a handbag sized pot! Wow. They are good to us...
Buy it here!

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