Friday, 27 June 2008

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive

I don't know about you but I'm a great big girl when it comes to anything that seems like unnecessary pain e.g. waxing, tweezing, exercise, etc but I do understand that some of these things are for the greater good.
Not exercise obviously.

This is why I gave the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive a go. Now, I'd heard bad things about epilators, I'd endured bad things about epilators but I am committed to giving you the best and most thorough beauty reviews that ever there were. (ish, I totally don't cover stuff from the brand I used to do PR for, sorry...)

Now, I'm not going to lie and say it feels like kittens brushing against your legs and occasionally giving them a tickly sniff but it's not nearly as bad as I remember. The clever little thing can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm which is pretty amazing and it has 40 winglet tweezers (almost sounds as cute as kittens) to grab every last bad boy there. And it lasts up to six weeks! Bonus.

So if you're looking for an alternative to having a slightly over familiar woman rip the hair out of your legs with burning hot wax and want something more long lasting than shaving, head down to Argos or Boots and part with £69.99 - what's that, three or four waxes? Total bargain.
And you can get a pink one.
In a Beavis and Butthead way, not a cute way.
It's quite cute though...

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

B Never Too Busy for Glitter

I have talked about my love for B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful because it's a philosophy I hold dearly to my heart. Despite how crappy I might look today...

However, when I look/feel/am crappy, there's always something that can perk me up.
Lovely, sparkly, wonderful glitter.

No longer the territory of pre-teens and hen parties, a subtle touch of glitter can look fab. I LOVE the B glitters on my eyes for a really dramatic going out look. Start with an eyeshadow primer and then dab on carefully, maybe use a little Vaseline to hold it if you're having trouble. They make such amazing party eyes. Pretty...

My faves are the emerald green and sky blue but how cool will black look for a massive night out? And they're in such pretty little wooden pots, how can you resist?

Bag all your favourite shades here and while you're there, grab a Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub.
It's delish.

Friday, 20 June 2008

No, not me, this fab new product from Lee Stafford, Messed Up Wonder Web!

As a fan of messy hair, I do like to at least attempt to look like I cocked it all up on purporse and this bad boy is perfect. I'll let Lee tell you because I'll just get all carried away about how pretty the packaging is, how nice it smells and how much I enjoy the clapping motion that separates all the strands. Everyone should clap themselves while they're doing their hair...

Non-sticky and totally gunk-free, Messed Up Wonder Webb is a texturiser that is light enough to use on long hair for his seasons tousled, matt, beachy look, as well as being tough enough to style and sculpt any crop.

Simply pump a small amount of Messed Up Wonder Webb into the palms of your hands and rub together. Pull hands apart and clap to see the crazy webbing effect, then vigorously work through the whole of the hair and finger hair into place.

And it's only £5.49.

And Agyness Deyn uses it.

And did I mention the clapping?
Get thyself to Boots...

I'm off to see Jonny at Lee Stafford tomorrow and I can't WAIT. New hair makes me happy, even post New Yoik.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sigh, landed...

At least it's sunny right?

And I bought some pretty things on my way back through New York yesterday...

Benefit have a fabulous new cheek tint out, exclusive to Sephora in the US at the moment. It's called Poseytint and is a brighter, pinker version of Benetint. Got to say, I loved it and not just because of the awesome pink mirrored packaging. It's super pretty though, perfect for a perky pink cheek.

I also picked up a Stila Cloud eyeshadow refill before I, god forbid, run out. So pretty.

And since I was going to the till anyway, I grabbed a Bliss Superbalm which has really kept my lips moisturised during the flight, a Philosophy Kiss Me lipgloss - because a girl's got to at least remain hopeful - and a Nars eyeshadow duo in Habanera. Gorgeous shimmery colours for my summer nights smokey eyes.

Now I'm off to slough off seven hours of flight skin with my muchly missed Liz Earle exfoliator and and smother myself in Advanced Night Repair concentrate. Delish.

Monday, 16 June 2008

I heart New York

Since I'm say here sizzling in battery park, desperately trying to find a reason to be pleased to come back to the uk tonight, it seems as good a time as any to tell you about my book deal - no, really!

Good news is, it's not a beautymecca book. I don't think I'm in any position to start asking people to give me cash in exchange for my opinions on also. That my friends, is yours for free. But my first novel, I Heart New York, will be out next year, July 09 in fact and hopefully you'll all at least put it at the front of all the bookshops for me.

And in other news, do we have sunscreen in an aerosol can? They have it here and it's fabulous.

Further update to come from duty free. I feel misery shopping coming on. Boo to coming home, yay to fabu books about New York!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Miss Mac

Thank God New York cooled down a little. Phew.

Pedicure's looking good, manicure's holding up and wowsers, even my make up isn't melting today.

Which is a good thing given I'm rocking a bad boy MAC look today. The pressed powder is gorgeous and not blackinh my pores, my beloved Prunella eyepencil isn't smudging and given that we're in it's homeland, I've even busted out my MAC Loves Barbie lipstick. God knows what I'll do when that runs out.

Well, off to run around town and look for pretty boys. And that's harder than you'd think - last night at the Soho Grand we saw a cute boy with his rough friend. Unfortunately, on closer inspection, they were two of The Kooks.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Native New Yorker

I love that New York really reminds me I'm a girl. So far I've had two manicures, a pedicure and a massage. And yes, I already messed up both manicures but that's just me. Seriously though, girls here take care of themselves and that's no bad thing.

Hands up if you would be able to fit in and afford even a manicure during your working week? It's crazy. As far as I'm concerned we're being deprived of our basic human rights.

One thing that makes life easier here is the fact that OPI and Essie are available in every drugstore for $8.00 and there is a manicure place on every block.

I'm lobbying mayor Boris for more salons and cheaper nail colours as soon as I get back.
Also that 40 Year Old Virgin should be on terrestrial at 3.00 in the afternoon. US TV scheduling is funny.

Monday, 9 June 2008

By God I Love New York

It's 100 degrees out and I'm frizzing like an early 90s Nicole Kidman but I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world.

You'll be pleased to know I'm blogging in the back of a cab in my Alice+Olivia finest, sporting Louboutins and totally rocking some sweat proof slap.

It's all about primer baby and in this heat and sunshine, I'm sticking to my spf40 Cityblock.
Long live Clinique.

And since I've slept for about six hours since Thursday, long live Beauty Flash Balm and Touche Eclat while I'm at it.

Don't wait up...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bobbi Brown Jewellery Collection

There is always a downside to getting something you want.
Next week I get to go to New York and see my lovely friends.
But it means I miss this AMAZING Bobbi Brown collection...

To celebrate the launch of Coutts London Jewellery Week, an exclusive, limited edition Bobbi Brown Jewellery Collection will be available at Bobbi Brown counters all over London from the 9th - 15th of June.

The collection has been handpicked by Bobbi (a self-confessed jewellery addict!) to complement any and all of your bling. Here's the good stuff... inside you will find:
Brightening lipgloss in White and Pink
Shimmer Brick in Pink (my FAVOURITE)
Black Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Black Everything Mascara

And all this comes in a very chic black jewellery pouch for, wait for it, £81.50 - wowsers, it's almost worth coming back for! Bobbi Brown is absolutely one of my favourite brands. All of her products have an incredible knack of helping you look like you, but ten times better. Very cool.

Check out
or call 0870 0342566 for more info.
And you can find out more about jewellery week here...

And I'll sulking a little bit here...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Gloss

In my search for pretty things throughout June, I present to you one of the prettiest things I've found in ages. Lipstick Queen's Oxymoron Gloss.

This delicious little compact is home to one of the cleverest products that you didn't even know you needed (until now). And it's pretty. And it has moron in the title (snigger).

The colour goes on sheer and light with the cutest little brush included in the pack but it's absolutely matte. As in shine and sparkle free. As in, completely. It's such a great idea for those of us that don't always want gloopy lips and hey, we all know boys that have lipgloss phobias. These light, creamy colours leave your lips looking slightly flushed and just kissed without drying them out or terrifying weak men with a wet look finish.

I also love the word play (hey, I'm word people) and the clever Lipstick Queen hasn't just created a product that is an oxymoron - a non-glossy gloss - but she's also given them fab names: Honest Politician, Minor Crisis, Free Ride and Deafening Silence.

I heart Minor Crisis, a beautiful soft pink and will be rocking it in contrast with my shimmery Stila Kitten eye palette all summer.
Get me.

Get yours here

Monday, 2 June 2008

What I did this summer... shopping in LA

Okay, I don't have a clever theme for June, okay?
I've worked my ass off coming up with barely relevant themes and I'm all out.
June going to be all about pretty things. We like pretty things.

Today's pretty things are the pretty things I bought on holiday last week in LA.
Behold their glory!

Stila Kitten Palette

I didn't love Kitten as a standalone shadow, as you know, it's all about Cloud for me but in this palette, I HEART it the mostest. Each complementary shade is summery, shimmery and all kinds of perfect. They're really all you need to get through the season... Just beautiful. And the compact is all kinds of covetable too. Yum.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Purse Spray

Utterly impractical and ineffectual - it's so not a handy shape to be in your handbag but look how purdy...

Hard Candy Kiss and Tell Lipgloss

Again, I didn't need it, it's not that special but it's got a FREAKING MAGIC 8 BALL IN THE LID!
I will now be making all my man decisions by way of lipgloss.
Got to be better than the ones I make on my own...

Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Lip Tints

Following on from the gloss set on QVC, this set has brighter, lighter summer colours and at $27, is a total steal.

I know there was a tonne more stuff but this was the bulk of it...
And I'm going to New York next week so get ready for another load then.
Mew, my bank manager hates me.

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