Friday, 29 February 2008

A Little Bit of Mother's Day

Awww, it's Mother's Day all over again!
So what have you got planned? If ma;s not local, I will accept flowers, who doesn't love getting flowers? But if you're going to see her, then why not spoil her a bit...

Our lovely friends at The Parlour in Shoreditch have a fab 'Tea for Two' promotion on at the moment which is the perfect treat for maman (and you!).

Treat your mum to a fabulous luxury pampering treatment at The Parlour award winning day spa in Shoreditch…

For just one hundred of your English pounds you can sip on champers and enjoy either a one hour luxury facial or a half hour back massage in a duo treatment room.
Daughter of the year...
Call 0207 729 6969 and check out

Another of my mother's day faves is some lovely perfumes. Mums don't treat themselves (or so they tell me) so it's nice to get them something that they wouldn't buy themselves. The new White Linen Light Breeze from Estee Lauder should be a winner. Mummy BeautyMecca used to wear White Linen 'back in the day' so I think she'll like the fresh modern take.

A couple of years ago I bundled up basket of treats like handcream and bubble bath - it wasn't expensive and Mummy BeautyLover was well impressed. Get yourself down to Boots or Superdrug if you're feeling strapped and put your own gift basket together. If you're flush, you can do the same with Bliss or maybe Jo Malone. Lurverly.

Just remember, one day it might be you expecting mother's day goodness... What goes around comes around!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Little Bit of... RMK

I'm so stuck on make up this week... Obsessed by pretties, who would have thunk it?
It's quite possibly due to how skanky and drab I feel - have had a cold for oooh, about three weeks? It will not leave me alone.
I have now gone deaf in my left ear, it is a constant source of comedy to those around me.

Anyways, here's the new RMK spring collection - Shiny Dots.
It is gorgeous.

The collection is inspired by Pontillism, so you can pretend you're being all highbrow in your interest when really, you just want some purdy eyeshadows.

LOVING the idea of the nail varnishes with holographic pearl base.
Grab yours at Selfridges or or at least go to the website to see the pretty face on the pretty lady wearing the collection...

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Laura Mercier

Aw shucks, it's like someone from the lovely people at Laura Mercier saw how much I'm loving spring and all things flowery then made a new make up collection just for me!

I am in complete heart with the new eye quads in Shy and Wild Violet.
Isn't Shy Violet just gorgeous?
And all the more purdy when combined with the new lip colours in Passion (warm red) and Mistress (cool red).

As expected they are full of all sorts of good for you gubbins - Shea butter, grape oil, evening primrose oil, vitamins A&E and the collagen promoting Maxi Lip complex.

And just perfect for a recently single lady looking to smooch some of that red all over some pretty boy... Please send names and address of pretty boys to
I thank you.

Monday, 25 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Spring Fancy

I love spring.
I love flowers.
And I love spring make up collections.

So hurrah for Clinique and their really rather beautiful Nude Blush collection.

My faves are the Colour Surge Butter Shine lipsticks, Splash Colour Surge eye duo and the super duper witchcraft created Lash Power mascara. All so pretty, all so shiny and non-flaky. What else could a girl need?

Everything is on counters now so you'd better get moving before they sell, sell, sell out or get your fix at

Friday, 22 February 2008

A Little Bit of Being Rubbish

Sorry sugarplums, I've been so pants at posting this week.

Slight madness incurred by dumping/flat selling/job anger/exciting things.
Will hopefully be able to share the exciting things soon, until then, I suggest you rock on over to HQ Hair and buy your mum something ace for Mother's Day.

Who wants another bunch of floppy tulips when they could have The Best of Bliss for just 25 knicker?

Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Lip Service

Now, obviously I'm still a bit upset about the Mr BeautyLover madness (boo hoo, etc) I'm not about to let boys and break ups come between me and the perfect fuchsia lipstick. It's my spring fashion quest and as I am uber dedicated, I think I've found it.

My main concern with a strong lip colour, because I'm the first to admit I'm an 'Eyes' girl, is that you have to retouch ALL the time and with a statement colour like fuchsia, it's got to be a solid colour that is going to hang around past one drink. Preferably seven drinks at the moment.

But I digress, as I said, I think I've found it. Actually not just it but THEM and all in one place!
from the clever people that brough us Lush, I give you, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful!
If you haven't clocked this brand yet, get online and check them out.
Bargainous beautiful beauty.
Happy days, says I.

For the high minded amongst you, you'll be pleased to know the products are all vegan friendly and of course environmentally sound. For those more interested in pretties, ahh, little bejewelled lipglosses, gold leaf details, sexy scents and a boudoir of possibilities. I heart B.

And again with the digressing. B are rocking my fuchsia world. Baically, you can choose between the gorgeous Beijing lip creme or rock the fabulously named Biatch lipstick. I'm going Biatch because a) I'm feeling a bit Biatch and b) it's a more portable stick but I'd advise applying both with a lipbrush because once these puppies are on, they're going NOWHERE. I'm loving Biatch with a touch of balm over the top, rather than gloss as I think the fuchsia look is more modern with a semi matte finish but feel free to gloss yours up. It still won't budge.

I've tested it with cocktails, Nandos and endless bitching... now, just have to find some willing boys to test the kissing power. All in the name of journalism, you understand?
I will dutifully report back.

FYI, blogger is acting up and won't let me addd a picture of Beijing but it's coming and you will love i.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Valentines Schmalentines

Yeah, I'm in NO MOOD for today people and quite frankly, if I see one person staggering down the road overburdened by M&S roses and chocolates, I'm likely to take you out with my handbag. Well, maybe not my handbag, it's is Marc Jacobs after all.
Maybe just trip you up with my Topshop shoes instead.

I figured I was in need of some therapy so I've booked in an emergency session with my head counsellor, Jonny at Lee Stafford (geddit? Head? A girl can be heartbroken and still pun, okay?) and I may or may not swing by my *ahhhhhhhh, beatific glow* sanctuary, Selfridges Beauty Hall and see what my friends have to cheer me up. I'm feeling a little bit of Stila maybe.

Anyway, will attempt to be back on form tomorrow, have tonnes of exciting new stuff to tell you about and in no way should boys come between me, thee and make up.

BL x

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Australian Tea Tree

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm not overwhelmed with joy at the approach of Valentine's day (shit timing Former Mr BeautyLover) but I am overwhelmed with the desire to look shit hot at all times, and so, I'll be doing everything I can to avoid a stress breakout.

Aside from drinking all the water in the world, I've been treating 'problem areas' with a fab new blemish stick from Australian Tea Tree. And it seems to be working... It's a fab clear gel that has barely any scent (I used to HATE the Body Shop tea tree oil, so stinky) and goes on over or under make up without disrupting anything. And unlike my fave Bliss See Spots Run, it's only £3.99 and comes in a handy lipgloss style tube so it's uber portable and discrete.

Organic fans will be pleased to know that the tea tree oil comes from a sustainable crop in New South Wales and includes nary a paraben. Get yours from Holland&Barrett or one of those famous 'good pharmacies' i.e. if they don't have this, they're no good.

Now, off you go and have a LOVELY Valentines day... I'll be a) working late, b) enduring an awkward non-date with Mr BeautyLover or c) pissed under a table somewhere in South West London...

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Lash Power

Without wanting to get into a lot of details, I've been in a great position to test some waterproof mascaras recently. Mr BeautyLover and I are no more (so please email images and CVs of hot single boys asap) and so there has been no small amount of weeping round at Chez BeautyMecca.
The happy news is that I have found THE best waterproof mascara ever to grace this Earth. It has been through the initial 'you're dumped' and associated screaming, the 'I've been dumped!' and associated wailing and even the subsequent 'I know you're right but this is all so freaking sad' sobbing. Ahhh.

It is Clinique Lash Power.
I love the title too, sounds like the mascara She-Ra would have used.

But seriously, once this mascara is on, it's going nowhere and unlike a lot of other waterproof mascaras, there is no clumping, no plasticy-lash look and here's the marvel, it comes off with warm water! And not anything else... Seriously, I forgot I had it on and tried to take it off with my Prescriptives Better Off eye make up remover (which is the best) and it didn't budge. Cotton wool soaked in warm water and it's 'mascara? what mascara?'

So I might be single but I've got waterproof feathery flutterby lashes to die for.
Watch out chaps...

Clinique Lash Power is just £12,50 and on Clinique counters everywhere now.
Go, run!

Friday, 8 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Prescriptives Technotropics

I really, really wanted to call this post 'This Post is Technotropic' but I'm supposed to be putting sensible headers up there to increase my 'search potential' (I don't know why, I don't make money from sharing the beauty goodness with you peeps, just get a lovely warm feeling of helping my fellow man/sending someone over the edge of their credit card debt).


So today is our first look at the new spring colour collections and my, it's a beauty.
I heart Prescriptives in a big way so you can only imagine how excited I was to see their new releases.

They say: Infuse your look with a shock of colour and an edge this spring with The TechnoTropics. A mix of cool and bright creates an urban city-meets-tropical dynamic. Eyes take on a fresh look in shades of plum, blue, brown and taupe offset by pastel shimmer and lined with metallic precision. Cheeks glow with sultry shades of fuchsia and soft rose. Lips pop in tropical hues of vibrant fuchsia and fresh tangerine glossed with a warm sizzle. Be bold and experience this contrasting combination of colour…

I say: Ooh, pretty! I'm obsessed with the Blush More or Less in Thai Orchid. Even though it's a solid, it has a moussey texture that glides onto skin and stays put. The bright pink colour is totally rivalling Stila's convertible colour in Fuchsia for my affections. Plus, the packaging is super cute and super portable and you can wear it on your lips for an easy swipe at this seasons bright pink look. I will sob if this limited edition wonder vanishes after the season. And this is all before we've got to the delicious Lipstrip glosses and limited edition shades of Colourscope Lipcolour.

Prescriptives tends to be a bit of a 'those in the know' range but hopefully, this fabu selection of super easy to wear colours and divine textures will push them over the edge into superstardom.
Which I'm cool with as long as none of you cause a queue at the counter, 'kay?

The Technotropics range is on counter now, call
0870 034 2566 for details of your nearest stockist.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A Little Bit of... Mummylicious

I don't know about you but a LOT of my friends have started getting super fat and then, after nine months, they drop out a tiny little person! It's the most bizarre thing.However, I am committed to keeping them pretty during this tough time. I know, I'm a giver.

There is an increasing amount of yummy mummy product out on the market but so much of it is all packaging mouth and no product trousers or even worse, it's super expensive. And even if my priorities are all wrong (Creme de la Mer, hello?) not many mummies, no matter how yummy, can afford to spend a fortune on pricey product.Which leads us to Mummylicious by Little Me. I gave a full set of the products to a friend who had recently dropped and she LOVED it.

Genuinely, hand on heart loved it. So much so that she has repurchased - twice. Tis the talk of the ante natal class collective. The bath and body range includes bath soak, body cream and massage oil to prevent stretch marks, and have a fusion essential fatty acids, essential oils and moisturising ingredients including Rose Hip, Borage and Sunnflower. Ahhh. And you'll be pleased to know that the products are all natural which means mum doesn't have to worry about using them whilst pregnant or while breastfeeding. Double hurrah.

Due to my unhealthy obsession with lavender, I've got to say, these products ain't just good for ma. All the range contains lavender, sweet orange oil and rose hip which are both pregnancy safe and DELICIOUS. But not edible. Note that. I might have got a bit close to the massage oil.
And the best bit of all? Everything is available from Boots and priced between £4.99 and £7.99.

Monday, 4 February 2008

A Little Bit of What You Fancy: MaxMara Le Parfum

I don't know about you but I'm having a crappy start to the year.
I'm broke, I'm stressed and the weather won't even play ball meaning I can't use my beautiful Marc Jacobs Jazz bag or wear my gorgeous TopShop orange Jaime shoes.
And did I mention I'm broke?

So I propose, the best way to get through Febraury is to wrap ourselves up in gorgeousness. It's a short month, the credit card can take it...

Kicking off, we have the newest launch from MaxMara, one of my favourite fashion lines and fast becoming one of my favourite perfumes. This is SO pretty, I've been wearing it alot and had some really lovely compliments. Unfortunately, I don't speak perfume, soI'm going to let MaxMara tell you all about their new scent in their own words...

A mere drop on my skin makes me irresistible, such is the extraordinary splendour of its essences. Opening out from floral top notes, MaxMara Le Parfum Pure Perfume evokes an intense woody impression.
Like a lustrous silk, Absolute of Sambac Jasmine conjures powerful floral harmonies with subtle resonances of honey. Sandalwood from Mysore, profound, sophisticated and captivating, and Amber Wood, heightened by SoftaAct® Bourbon Pepper with hints of Lime Wood, continue the warm, spicy theme. Then, at last, the Extract reveals its full refinement with the most exclusive Musks.

Sounds like a good option for valentine's day to me...
Pick up the scent exclusively at Selfridges from today and from perfume counters nationwide from June. 30mls is just £30,00 but I say invest in the 90ml with the amazing sculptural pedestal.
It's just SO pretty.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Happy Birthday BeautyMecca! Part 2

God it's been a crazy week. Not Britney-crazy but rushed off my feet, not a moment to think crazy. Not that I believe the poor girl is doing a lot of thinking. Bless. sorry, I digress.

You can always tell when the real world has interfered with my fantasy world if there have been fewer than three posts in a week. And for that, I apologise. Hopefully it's been a good crazy though and I should be able to share some exciting news with you soon...
But since we're here now, I do believe I promised you a peek inside my make up bag. Well, please do come in a have a look around!

I'm a total believer in the power of a good primer and given how many have burst onto the market in the last twelve months, so are a lot of you. I have tried many, I've loved a few but there is only one primer that will forever have a place in my make up bag and that is Smashbox Photo Finish. It is light, it is even and it does not let your foundation go - cream, mineral or even tinted moisturiser. I can't be without it. Honourable mention to Benefit That Gal and Estee Lauder primers but I always end up back at Smashbox. If you can't get to the states for your fix, try QVC or even Ebay.

Foundation and Concealer
An easy one. We all know there are a lot of foundations out there, right? But it can be THE hardest thing to buy. Well here are my top tips:
MAC: Every skintone, every finish, every kind of coverage you could want. I love Hyper Real when my skin is in good nick but you will not fail to find a foundation at the MAC counter.
id Bare Minerals
If you're looking for a mineral powder foundation, go NOWHERE else. This is the best. Again, heaps of shades and no filler crap. This is, in he words of Snoop, the Shizzzle.
Prescriptives Custom Blend
If you struggle to find the right shade of foundation then this is the one for you. I can't really imagine going back to any other liquid foundation now. The Custom Blend foundation might seem like a treat or an extravagance but once you've tried it, I promise you, you will never go back. Get the concealer too - brill bags.
Creme de la Mer Tinted Moisturiser
I won't labour the point. It's the best. Try it.
Benefit It Stick
Such a great concealer and super cute too.

Stila Convertible Colour in Fuchsia
The perfect pink and ideal for this season's fuchsia lips.
Bobbi Brown
My favourite powder blushers tend to come from Bobbi. I'm so excited about Pink Raspberry I could burst but at the moment, I'm sticking with last season's duo colour palette.


Yes, there's a theme... I adore Stila's shimmery colours for a daytime look that can be built up easily and blended together - you WILL NOT find me in the street without Cloud in my bag. Gorgeous. I also love the smudge pots, either as liner or as a really dramatic and long lasting burst of base colour.
They're the best eyeshadows ever. More pigment than anyone else, more colours than everyone else, longer lasting than everyone else. Done deal. Can't be without the Prune eyeliner either. I've genuinely had more comments about that one pencil than anything else on the site.
I'm quite fickle with mascaras. For ages I was in love with Prescriptives False Lash (i bought two tubes! I never rebuy!) and I do love it but I'm a girl with a lot of mascaras to test. Bare Escentuals EveryWear is a pretty great smudge proof option and Avon's SuperFull is fantastic AND a bargain. I say, go Avon.

Benefit High Beam
Cult products tend to be cult products for a reason and that's all I'm going to say. Well, that and Miss Popularity is going to be creeping up on its sister product's top spot pretty soon...
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
I love a product that doubles up and with all the colours in a shimmer brick, you can do your entire face by just adding a slick of Vaseline to your lips and mascara to your eyes. What's not to love?

Now, this could go on for some time - I am something of a lip colour collector so I'll try and stick to the products I use more often. Try.
Barbie Loves MAC Sweet and Single Lipstick and Spice Lip Pencil

My favourite lipstick ever. Moisturising, perfect with smokey eyes, great in a day, it's just wonderful. When it runs out, I will sob. Boots 17 do a shade called Antique Lace which is sort of similar but more peachy than golden pink. Sigh, I sense a replacement quest coming on.
Again with the cult - Spice is fab, even on me, the palest of them all.
Stila Lipglaze in All of Them
I have yet to find a lipglaze I don't like. Test me Stila, test me!
Aura Ammunition Gloss
A gorgeous berry shade that lights up my face for a night out. And coincidentally, tastes amazing.
Urban Decay Lipgunk in Hot Pants
Smells, tastes and looks like university to me. Love it. A great for this season's pink fetish.

I could go on... There are more eyeliners, there are balms, powders, compacts, radiance sticks, shapers and shadows but I've got to go to bed sometime. Advanced Night Repair might be incredible but without my eight hours, I'm an uber bitch no matter how great I look.

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