Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colour Xtreme Summer Hair + Giveaway

Well, Glasto is almost over except because it's Glasto, we're waiting for Beyonce, not the fat lady, to sing. Much more glamorous. If you, like me, would rather cut off your right arm than hole up in a filthy mud hole for nigh on a week, just to get a glimpse of Bono being, well, Bono (or another word that also has four letters but starts with a 'c') there's a way to experience festival chic* without leaving the comfort of your own home.

I've always been a massive fan of colouring my hair and have sported many, many different hues in my day. Including pink. At the moment, I'm having kittens over the fact that my fiery red locks won't allow for the awesomeness that is ombre hair. You know all those super cool girls whose hair looks like it's been dip-dyed? Yeah, that. In fact, my amazingly hip hairdresser has her hair like it, a mid-brown fading down into sun-kissed blonde. In fact, half of Williamsburg has their hair like it. And so did half of Glasto.

Happily, thanks to the awesomeness of Colour Xtreme colour sprays, you don't have to a) commit to a very strong look that you might go off after a few days or b) the expense of a very strong look you might go off after a few days. For less than a fiver you can get yourself down to Boots, buy a can of Colour Extreme and do it yourself. Either buy a darker shade and spray into your roots to darken the top or buy a fun colour and dip dye the ends. Blonde hair looks very summery with pink tips... Just spray in, let it settle then brush it through. When you're bored, wash it out. Amaze. For some actual useful tips, they've got a Facebook page. Have a look.

And because the people at Colour Xtreme know we like to try new things, they've given me a FULL SET of colour sprays to give away. Email me at and say I WANT AWESOME HAIR to be entered into the draw. You've got ONE WEEK!

*let's be honest, who looks chic after a festival? Disgusting. Just get the Colour Xtreme and don't worry about the rest of it.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

I'm a bad BeautyLover.
Miss Keren sent me this an age ago and I forgot to post. Because I'm shit. Anyway, not shit, is Clinique's Lash Power mascara. I've long been a fan (see?) but here's a reminder as to why it's awesome:

Seeing as BeautyMecca is all about lashes this week, I have another mascara to throw into the mix. I got a press sample of Clinique’s Lash Power a few weeks ago and I am seriously loving it. It lengthens and separates without any clumps, for very pretty lashes.

BUT the best bit... it does NOT budge... at all. Until you want it to, that is. You don't need eye make-up remover to take it off. Just a little bit of warm water, some gentle massaging and it comes off, without panda eyes. It is just brilliant.

I have tried the Blinc mascara that has the same removable qualities and I loved that too, but sorry Blinc, Clinique has bettered your wand – it is just a better size and shape for lengthening.

When this sample has run out I will be off to Clinique for another. And as I generally change my mascara brand every time I buy a new mascara, this is a big compliment. And it’s only £15.

They say: Vows to look pretty for 24 hours without a smudge or smear. One stroke and these pretty lashes last through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. Yet the formula removes easily with warm water. Unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest of lashes. Ophthalmologist tested, too.

I'm all over Clinique at the moment. Between the Chubby Sticks and the Long Last Glosswear (in Juicy Apple in case you were wondering) I'm having a bit of a love in.

What are you wearing right now?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Elemis FreshSkin Competition + TSGTDL Giveaway!

My love of Elemis is well documented here and so you can imagine how bloody excited I was to hear that they were launching a line for younger skins. It's a brilliant range for skins that have graduated from the teen skincare lines but aren't quite ready for the regular Elemis line... plus it's a more affordable way to get into the range. And the packaging is pink, which is nice.

The products are all formulated with active raw ingredients like elderflower, rosehip seed oil, goji berry and apple specially chosen to care for young skin. I've been a devotee of the big sister range for the longest time but I've given several of the products a run out and I'm impressed. I forgot my Collagen Marine cream on my last trip to London and the lovely ladies at Elemis gave me the FreshSkin moisturiser to try and bugger me, if my skin wasn't just as soft and glowing as ever. I also loved the lip balm and as much as I detest cleansing wipe, the FreshSkin wipes did a bloody good job of trying to change my mind. There wasn't that nasty residue you often get with them and I'll be packing them for my festival appearances this summer. Check out the rest of the line here.

To celebrate the FreshSkin launch, we have a full set of products PLUS a signed copy of my new book, The Single Girl's To-Do List to give away - it's Monday, we need cheering up... To enter, just leave a comment on this post. You can just say hi or ask a question or just say something lovely. My roommate's cat will be picking a winner on the 16th. YAY!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Estee Lauder Idealist

As I've mentioned, it's bloody warm here in NYC right now and my skin is suffering. Happily, I have been extraordinarily lucky over the last couple of months to be testing out a brand new product from Estee Lauder which lands on UK counters June 7th! That's tomorrow! Or today! Depending on when you're reading!

A few years ago, I went cray cray for the Idealist Skin Refinisher. I loved the scent, I loved the feel of my skin afterwards and, well, quite frankly I liked the shiny green bottle. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I was invited to the launch of the new Idealist Even Skintone serum and Cooling Eye Illuminator (I was very excited - Martha Stewart was there).

Basically, the products are both amazing. There aren't that many skincare products that deliver instant results and long term benefits but the Even Skintone Serum is one of them. Once I've applied the golden creamy product to my skin, I barely even need foundation. That is amazing. I do need a moisturiser with sunscreen (of course) but foundation? Fugedabowdit. As you can imagine, it's chock full of awesome ingredients (I talked to a scientist about them but I was a bit drunk so I can't really remember what she said. She was lovely though.) but all you really need to know is that it works. To the point where, when my sample runs out, I will be spending hard earned cash on more.

The only thing that concerns me is that there's a fine chance that it's actually made with witchcraft - which would explain why I don't remember the science bit - because the one product works across all ethnicities and skintones. OK, it's probably not witchcraft but your skin will look instantly brighter and more radiant and over time, it helps even skintone because - and I quote - it includes 'Highly-effective anti-spot ingredients including an optimized Glucosamine-DP molecule blend, Vitamin C and Botanical Extracts that work together gently and quickly to help reduce the look of dark spots due to excess accumulations of pigment. Anti-oxidants including Rice Bran Extract and Vitamin E help skin remain looking free of imperfections and unevenness. Soothing anti-irritants including Liquorice and Gentian minimise the visible irritation that can cause a look of redness and blotchiness.'


And as for the Cooling Eye Illuminator, it's pretty much a similar deal but combined with a lovely, lovely ceramic applicator which cools the eye area, making the results more immediate. And it comes in two shades because Estee Lauder are awesome. I was discussing eye creams with friends a couple of weeks ago and it turned out this one (particularly pretty) friend of a friend worked on the design team for Lauder packaging and had already tried the Cooling Eye Illuminator. Needless to say, our friends went away with very clear instructions on what they should be purchasing.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Clinique Chubby Sticks

New York, my beloved New York, decided not to bother with spring this year and has rolled over into full on sweaty, steamy summer. This hurts me inside but more importantly, it also hurts me outside. I'm smothered in SPF 100 (not smothered actually as I have a delightful Neutrogena spray) and my make up is melting off my face. I've already switched from foundation to tinted moisturiser and my mascara is officially of the waterproof variety. But what to do for that pop of colour on the lips?

I've been a lip balm addict for as long as I can remember so it's not like I'm short on options. However, since receiving several samples of the new Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, I've been smitten. I love a chunky pencil product, no really, you'll find all sorts of shit in my make-up bag just because someone made it into a pencil, so this is a dream come true. And on top of the 'made for Lindsey' packaging, they're actually really good. Just the right balance of colour saturation and moisturising product. They don't overdo it, you know how coloured balms sometimes build up and look gross? Not the case. They're subtle but definitely there. I'm all about Super Strawberry and Chunky Cherry but there are eight shades to choose from in total - got to be one for everyone, right?

Also, side note, but I'm loving Clinique's ads right now.
I'm loving everything.
I'll be quiet.

Elemis Anti-Ageing Super Duo

You know I loves me some Elemis and you know I love to share my loves with you (I'm all love, all the time) so it's good news all round today.

Throughout June, you can pick up the limited edition Anti-Ageing Duo, containing a her-yow-age 100ml supersize vat of the amazing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and my beloved Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules, top of my travel must-haves list. And it's in a pretty silver box. And yes it's £127.66 but you'd be saving more than £59. So that's good, right? Right.

Love it.

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