Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Radiance in a Pot

I am well aware that I start too many of these posts with 'I was really hungover this morning' so I'm going to pretend today's starts 'I was really tired this morning'...

I was really tired this morning and sometimes, MD scrub, Bliss Oxygenating Facial and Beauty Flash Balm aren't enough. No, really, THAT tired. But not to worry, help was at hand in the shape of a pretty pot of wonderfulness from the creator of my new favourite foundation, i.d. bareMinerals - Pure Radiance.

They say: This multitasking face colour adds a peach luster that will leave your skin fresh and luminous. Not only is it pure in colour but its 100% crushed mineral formula makes it pure enough for even the most sensitive soles. Pure Radiance can be applied over blush to brighten cheeks, under blush to create a luminous glow, or all over for a vivid glimmer. For those who prefer to go natural and minimal with their make-up, buff on Pure Radiance alone for a sheer wash of colour.

I say: Easy to swirl on while 'tired' and impossible to overdo, this really does give you the pick me up needed to get out the door in the morning. It's subtle so don't expect to suddenly look like a new woman, just the same you that has had ten hours sleep and drank lots of water. Pretty.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

What's in the Bag Abigail Segall?

Today's beautista of note, Abigail Segall, has a very cool collection of goodies - jealous? Me?
Well, a bit of the By Terry foundation...

What's your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
Zoya nail varnish in Casey - I instantly feel glamorous and ready to face the world.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product - what is it?
Mascara all the way! The eyes are the window to the soul after all.

Of every product you've ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
Dermalogica's MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque. It smells like a fruit bowl and makes my skin look amazing.

And in the bag...
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara
Dermalogica Solar Shield and Solar Defense Booster SPF30
By Terry Foundation in 2
Jane Iredale Disappear

I've got a total girl crush on this bag. How could I not be love with someone who lists sunblock in their make up bag? And by the end of this week, I will have tried the By Terry foundation - everyone's talking about it but can I get hold of it? Bugger me. Where do they sell that stuff!
I'm feeling a Harvey Nicks coming on...

Friday, 25 May 2007

Sunny Days and Fridays

I have stated a bazillion times that I am the palest girl in the all the world and so the promise of an indian summer is putting the fear and Jebus into me. I'm already slathered in SPF25 top to toe but I'm all about finding new suncreams to protect my precious, precious face (vain, moi?).

I hate the sticky gooey consistency of most suncreams on my face and inevitably breakout within twenty four hours of slapping them on. So imagine how happy I am to find this little beauty that is part SPF 30, part skin enhancing moisturiser and all kinds of fabulous.

DDF Enhancing Sun Protection is a wonder. It really, really is. Spinning off from those ridiculous foundations that claim to match your skintone with the witchcraft-based wonder spheres, this really does protect your skin and give you a light and even skintone.

They say: Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula (DDF) herald a new breakthrough in suncare: optimum protection with self-adjusting colour spheres, to even out your complexion and enhance your own, natural skintone. Until now, sun protection has been the equivalent of a ‘one-size-suits-all’ swimsuit. But Enhancing Sun Protection SPF30™ from dermatological skincare pioneers DDF uses a revolutionary delivery system that works with the precise, individual skintone to help minimise visible redness, giving a smooth, flawless sun-kissed glow to the face and body.

Actually, they say loads more about UVA and UVB protections, green tea, aloe vera and chamomile - all thrown into the mix - but it's worth a read on their wesbite.

I say: At first I was put off by the thought of this - fancy tinted moisturiser? Hmmm. But it's really not, well it is and it isn't. The product is actually a pearly purpley-grey when it comes out the tube but genuinely adjusts to give you a lovely glow. And so far, I'm burn free! It doesn't feel sticky once it's applied and my foundation goes over the top just peachy, I'm even planning on doing away with the foundation and sticking with just this as the weather hots up.

You can pick up your own wonder cream at Harvey Nicks or Selfridges.
And I strongly advise that you do.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Fekkai'n Awesome

My hair is completely schizophrenic.
I used to bleach the bejesus out if it, seriously, home dying kits and then even hardcore platinum blonde bleeeeeeeach. But it was always silky soft and shiny.

Not so anymore. Now that I force it to suffer nary a highlight or a straightening iron my do has suddenly become a don't. Thick, frizzy, straggly and lego man like. Not attractive.
A regular dose of deep conditioner has always helped out when combined with lots of products but after finishing yet another tub of conditioner, bottle of silkening cream, can of shine spray, I figured it was time to bring in the big guns.

Enter Fredrick Fekkai.

From Space NK in Brighton to Sephora in New York, I've picked these products up and put them down so many times in the last six months, I don't need to work out my arms but finally I bit the bullet. And I'm so happy. Although the protein rx reparative shampoo and conditioner come in at just under £20 a piece, you only need to use the tiniest, tiniest amount so they really do last. Plus, they leave your hair looking, smelling and feeling divine. Where's the bad investment?

And I actually don't have words for the reparative mask. My hair is so happy after I've used it, I swear it does a little dance while I'm not looking.

Only one problem now, once you've gone Fekkai, is there ever any coming back?

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The glaze on the icing on the cake

I'm loving the fact that the sunshine is back but I'm not loving saying goodbye to my smokey eye make-up. We go through this break up dance every summer, I'll try and convince it to stay just a little while longer, just the kohl pencil, just the grey shadow, but in my heart, I know it's over.

Which leaves me with a predicament.
I've never been that good with lip colour so my summer face is usually just a bit boring. I am determined not to fall into that trap this year so I'm investigating easy ways with lip colour.

So far, my absolute favourite is the Stila Lip Glaze stick. I love the original lip glazes but sometimes you want a bit more colour and a lot less gloss. These beauties have just a touch of shimmer, a real punch of sheer colour and they don't get sticky. Like, at all.

I'm absolutely in love and will be stocking up in time for summer parties. They also feel really moisturising and last a little longer than ordinary glosses.

All the better for kissing/drinking/eating/kissing with...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lip Service

I happen to spend most of my working day sat in an office populated by women.
Lots of women. Fortunately (or unfortunately, according to Mr BeautyLover) there are approximately half a dozen hot boys hanging around. This means a) I can't roll in looking like a troll every morning and b) I have become obsessed with wearing lipbalm at all times.

I've tried them all, I've talked about some of them here - Vaseline, Neutrogena and Rosebud Salve always come out on top with me but, well, just lately, I've been feeling a bit puffed up. Like, hey, I deserve some shit hot lip balm action.

So I went and stuck my finger in a pot of Creme de la Mer The Balm.
And it's amazing.

They say: This luxurious emulsion works on contact to soften roughness, relieve dryness and flaking and help heal seriously dry lips. A patented Lip Lipid Complex is the first line of defense. It delivers moisture, strengthening the lips' minimal moisture barrier and helping to prevent further damage. An essential protein found in the arctic helps insulate vulnerable lip skin from extreme conditions of heat and cold. Mint comforts the lips and enhances the balm with a cool, refreshing flavor. Like Crème de la Mer, the results are immediate – lips look and feel smoother, softer, plumper – yet long lasting.

I say: Just like the hot boys at work, I'm in love with something it would not be sensible for me to try and get hold of. The lip balm is rich, instantly absorbed and leaves my lips with a delicate sheen. The last time I flew back from New York, I slathered it on in Duty Free (they love me at JFK) and I hardly needed to top up all the way back.

Now, I keep talking myself out of it but really, I have a sneaking suspicion that I might come back a pot heavier next time I'm in JFK. If you're looking for a really effective, really lovely lip treat and want to spoil yourself a bit, I say go for it. It's got a patented lip lipid complex, people! Do you have that?
No, you do not...

And now I really think about it, there are specifically five hot men at work. Out of five hundred women. Boo.
I'm better off with The Balm.

Monday, 21 May 2007

What's in the Bag Caroline Donnelly

I love me some MAC make up (Prunella eye pencil is THE BEST) so I am very excited to get a sneak peek into the make up bag of one of their Senior Make Up artists, Caroline Donnelly! Oooh, feel the MAC love...

What is your signature product and how does it make you feel?
My absolute favourite product is the Mineralize Skinfinish range in natural. I use these powders on everybody. Available in a range of neutral colours I use them to contour, or bronze or simply as a finishing powder for the face. We have even used them top to toe backstage at the shows.
I love this product as Mineralize Skinfinish doesn't look heavy, but rather makes the quality of the skin look improved and gives a softer appearance to the face, like wrapping the face in cashmere. Apart from in my professional make up kit, I also carry these products in my personal make up bag. Fab for adding a softer look to the face, creating cheekbones and hiding the effects of a late night!

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product - what is it?
I'm a big fan of bright lipstick I'd have to reach for the mirror and lipstick, just to check I'm not looking like the joker! My top favourites are MAC's Russian Red, Impassioned and Lady Danger . If I knew I was going to run into this beautiful boy however, I'd wear MAC Pro Long Wear lipstick in Lasting Lust - that's not going anywhere!

What product would you miss the most if it was sob - discontinued?
I'd miss the Mineralize Natural Skinfinish powders. Backstage, the disappearance of Face and Body for creating all over perfect skin would be devastating! MAC Moisture Cover Concealer would be greatly missed, I love using this on the face if the skin needs a little help in places. It's strong enough in coverage to do the job, but light enough in texture it never looks heavy.

It's always been so hard to choose a favourite product as there are so many fantastic products. From MAC Cream Colour Bases - the versatility and ease of use of this multi use product makes them such a valuable asset to a make up kit, to the fabulous Face and Body foundation which, as the name suggests is used to give perfect, healthy looking skin on the face and body.

Personally I love MAC's Studio fix Foundation to apply a quick easy coverage, Liqiud Last eyeliner in Point Black to stay put despite my watery eyes, Prep and Prime lash worn with Fibre Rich mascara to give full long lashes and I love Studio Moisture Cream to hydrate my oily yet dehydrated skin.

Friday, 18 May 2007

NYC for less than a fiver?

Okay, apologies for the misleading title but I'm feeling minxish.
And hung over.

Which ties nicely into our item. When I'm hungover and there's naught but Winter Nights Fashions on QVC, I do love a spot of E! I mean, I know everyone loves Girls of the Playboy Mansion but if I'm not at my peak, I'll take anything - E! news, Tara Reid True Hollywood Story - anything. I managed to catch (ahem, like it was hard) E! News the other night and between the stories on Britney's wig and American Idol's latest losers they had a spot on NYC Cosmetics.

NYC actually managed to do this really amazing 'Old Hollywood' face on some ropey reality star for under $15 - wowsers. I can't quite manage that but I can offer you the new Smooth Skin Foundation.

They say: Enriched with vitamins A, C & E, the lightweight formula glides on smoothly, giving you ultimate coverage control, while the oil-free formula naturally absorbs shine without blocking pores. NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup costs £3.99 and is available at Superdrug.

I say: The shades are all a little bit dark for me but you all know I'm a colourless freak so don't let that put you off. The texture was nice and it really really is a bargain. Go on, it's Friday, treat yourself...

I'm off to watch Girls Gone Wild.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Smells like summer

Because I can see a sliver of sunshine from my sad little desk, I'm inspired to tell you about a very beautiful perfume. I don't often write about scent as it's such a personal thing, I think it's a hard thing to recommend to someone but this baby is so pretty, I don't have any issues.

They say: Eclat d’Arpège Summer from Lanvin embodies the very essence of summertime energy. A joyful, bubbly fragrance of deliciously floral and fruity notes – captured in a bubble-bottle tinted blue like the sky in July

Inspired by a vintage poster, the sphere bottle is alive with bow ties in brilliant colours and adorned with brightly coloured ribbons. Attached to two chrome rings (symbolizing the harmony between Couture and Perfumes in the Lanvin House), a spray of brilliantly-coloured ribbons - a wink to the fashion world of Alber Elbaz - both ultra-feminine and full of vivacious joy… ready to be carried away by the romance of warm summer days and nights.

I say, oooh, so so so beautiful! Sort of like a haute couture light bulb... And very fresh, fruity and summery. I have a total obsession with perfume bottles and am often left sobbing when I love the bottle but the perfume smells like cat wee on me. Not the case here - bring on the loveliness.
And who doesn't want a touch of Lanvin in their life?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My Ideal Crush

As Mr BeautyLover would merrily tell you, when it comes to having crushes, I never matured past 14 years old. He does take it all in good humour but has specifically asked that I stop talking about, ahem, Lee from Any Dream Will Do during meal times.
He doesn't seem to mind that I've been practising my new surname on my maths book though...

I crush on anything and anyone from the lead singer of Stellastarr* and my new patent wedges to the next Joseph (Lee to win!) and my new id Bare Minerals foundation. I fall hard and I fall fast but usually, I'm looking around for my next fix within a month.

So you can imagine how amazing today's product must be to have tamed my roving eye. I've felt a passing flutter for it ever since I tried a sampler about four years ago but recently, in a fit of wanton hussy-style passion, I went the all the way. And I so wish I'd done it four years ago.

The Estee Lauder Idealist range and I have decided to make a go of it.

While I might fall in lust at the flick of a switch, it takes something deeper for love to last and this, I'm sure, is the real thing.

Estee Lauder says: From the first application skin has new softness; uneven texture is smoothed. Imperfections are optically corrected with an exciting new technology. The appearance of pores is reduced. Within days, skin’s surface is clearer, more refined. Oily skin starts to behave and dry patches vanish. Within weeks, skin tone appears more uniform; redness and blotches even out. Skin’s moisture level is back in balance.

I say: They tell no lies... Apparently, 5.5 million bottles have been sold since launch and I can well believe it. Idealist might not be cheap (Price £29 30ml, £43 50ml) but hey - this is your skin we're talking about, you treat it well! Do you hear me? I've moved on from just the Refinisher Serum to a - menage a quatre? - with the Micro-D Thermal Refinisher (self-heating scrub - fun and AMAZING results) and the Eye Refinisher too.

Other scrubs and serums might impart a temporary glow but these babies are in it for the long haul, plus they're gentle as there's no acid involved. Plus Oh My God the softness.

Please, for me and my aching heart, go and try this at your nearest Estee Lauder counter. I challenge you to come away without a purchase...

What's in the bag Claire Baker?

My nosiness will get the best of me one day...
Claire, show us what you've got!

What's your signature product and how does using it make you feel?
Perfume - I mostly wear Marc Jacobs – I have a block of perfume in a compact which gives a lovely shimmer to the skin. But when I am going somewhere really special I wear the last drops of a gorgeous Clinique scent called Wrappings which I can’t get anymore or Chloe which is something I always try to buy duty free as it’s also tricky to track down in England.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to use one product - what is it?
Well it would have to be a proper grown up hairy man for a start – I’m way too old for boys….it would be a lipstick. Lipstick – in a berry stain – usually Benetint with a Chanel Fabulous lipstick over it.

What is your favourite product ever?
Boots No 7 Intense Volume Mascara – it doesn’t flake or smudge or clump and it’s unfragranced and works. I have tried millions of others and this it’s the only one worth buying.

So in my makeup bag today I have:
A mini Moa the green balm for hands, dry patches, lips
Rimmel Coverstick
A tiny folding mirror which one of my children won out of a cracker.
A baby Mason Pearson paddle hairbrush
YSL Touch Eclat
Jane Iredale mineral foundation in the palest colour they do.
Boots No 7 Mascara
Chanel Lipstick

Oh, another pale girl after my own heart! I will be investigating that foundation.
And by the way, everyone should have some Chanel in their purse and Marc Jacobs about their body at all times...

p.s. I'm sorry, I did something weird to your picture...

Monday, 14 May 2007

Cheap Thrills: Butter Me Up

So after I discovered that fantastic Body Shop mascara, I started thinking.

Once upon a time, The Body Shop was one of the most exciting places on the high street for me adn their products were a real school status symbol. Soaps shaped like endangered species for the pre-teen activist in me, Dewberry and Fuzzy Peach fragrances for the curious thirteen year old, Ananya and ceramic oil burners for the deep and meaningful fifteen year old 'woman'.

But I couldn't remember the last time I went into The Body Shop to actually buy something. It's a long time since I considered White Musk to be the epitome of sophistication.

So I popped in and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. My best find was the amazing selection of body butters. These are award winners for a reason. The consistency is incredibly rich and genuinely butter-like and they give skin a beautiful sheen. I slapped on the passionfruit before bed and woke up with gloriously soft skin that still smelled fruity. Yum. The scent is a bit much if you're wearing perfume but you can always go for one of the more neutral versions, there are a whole lot of options.

At £12 a tub they're not the cheapest body moisturisers on the high street but they are one of the best and perfect for summer months.

And it was fun to wander around The Body Shop with my pocket money again.

Friday, 11 May 2007


I've got a cold.
I'm really tired.
I'm full of Nandos (the classy girl's KFC).
By rights I should look like pooh.

But I don't!
My skin is glowing, the 14 year old's skin brought on by my facial has vanished and the congestion seems to be lessening too! I can only put this down to one thing.
My new scrub.

As the world's palest woman, I'd always avoided harsh scrubs, and as a wee nipper, I'd been terrified of using anything with the word 'acid' in it. No more my friends.

I've been used MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub.
They say: Cleanse and remove dry, rough skin with this gentle face and body scrub. Contains polyethylene granules with glycolic compound in a light-lathering creme base. Excellent as a preparation for self-tanning. Maintain results with regular use MD Formulations face and body care products.

I say: It's effective without being stripping, has a lovely fine but grainy texture and you see results from the first use. Follow up with a moisturiser straight away and always use a high SPF if going out right after a scrub like this. Also, do not get in papercuts - helloeee? Ouch, much?

Really though, my skin looks clearer than it has in forever and genuinely translucent. I'm a happy bunny. It's £26.00 at and you get a big old bottle so it's going to last you.

Hurrah for scrubs!
Hurrah for clear skin!

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Now the weather is nicer (what? It isn't?) I do love to see a well turned trotter.
Once those pesky cracked heels are out of the way, the most important thing to look at are your toenails. Are they a bit skanky? Not very well filed? A little bit 'off white'?

Hmm, thought they might be.
There's lots of ways to prettify your feet but this summer, I'm going with Essie polishes.
They come in super cute colours and two coats really give you a long lasting, vibrant colour. Which is what you want when you're wedging/flip flopping around town in open toes.

The names of the colours are fab too:

Below The Belt – bright white
Loophole – satiny chrome
Huckle Buckle – glistening deep lilac
Chastity – so pink
It’s A Cinch – coral-kissed pink
Click It Or Ticket – heavy metal coral

I'm rocking It's a Cinch at the mo but I'm DESPERATE to get my paws on Loophole.

Available from at £8.50 a bottle it's the perfect wee treat. Go on, you know you want to...
I'm such an enabler...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Cheap Thrills - Does what it says on the tin

I do love it when a product tells the truth.
And I love it all the more when that product is a £9.00 mascara from The Body Shop.

I've been having a mare with mascaras recently. My lashes aren't that long so I really do need it but I tend to get a lot of smudging. My lovely Get Bent has Got Gunky and the more I persevere with the Magnif'eyes from Rimmel the more disappointed I am.

But the Define and Lengthen mascara from The Body Shop does exactly what it says on the tin. Doesn't smudge, doesn't give you spider lashes, just slightly longer, more defined lashes that are perfect for the day time.

Hurrah for The Body Shop.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

What's in the Bag Laura Beckett?

Today's beauty goddess is the lovely Laura Beckett... hmm what goodies do you have in store for us Laura?

What's your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
I recently discovered Avène bronzer. I love that I can get Mossyesque cheeky peaks with a mere sweep of chocolaty powderness. It makes me feel like a total diva so I always break into a massive pout. I would also not leave the house without mascara (it’s the perfect flirting tool) – I’m a big fan of Rimmel and Maybeline.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product - what is it?
Avène Couvrance foundation (in case I blush!!) Just one product? How mean – I’d have to cheat and slap on some Benefit Her Glossiness lip gloss too.

Of every product you've ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
This has to be Klorane Dry Shampoo – it is such a major lifesaver when you haven’t got time to wash your hair and it smells yummy too.

I absolutely love Anais Anais perfume too – it’s one of those smells that makes me feel really happy.

Avène moisturisers are fabulous – especially if you have sensitive skin like me. They do a massive range but the one I love is Hydrance UV – my skin loves it and it has a SPF15 too.

Now come on Lindsey – guru of BeautyMecca – I wanna know what on earth’s in your bag, missus?

Well, (blush) since you ask... I'll be doing a top ten products for the first half of 2007 in June so let me know if there's anything you think should be included. The Klorane will totally be in there, I tried is recently and it's so much finer than any other dry shampoo I've ever tried and doesn't make your hair feel dry at all. Officially in the morning after the night before kit...

And just so we're clear, I'll see you all in the queue for that Avene moisturiser at lunch, yeah? How amazing is Laura's skin???

Friday, 4 May 2007

Cheap Thrills

What with all the madness over the Sainsbury's Anya Hindmarch bag, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the world has gone crazy of the Boots No 7 Protect & Serum. For just £16.75, BBC2's Horizon programme is telling us we can have a product that is as effective at combating sun damage as prescribed medicines.

I'm not one to fall for hype (ahem) but I found myself drawn to the Boots counter this morning on my way to work, fingers itching to get hold of this miracle cream.

But ultimately I stopped myself.
Because I already have all the creams?
Well, yes, but not just that. Boots didn't have any.

But hey, I've read some pretty crappy reviews of this product, mostly complaining that you can feel it on your skin. As someone who suffers from congested skin as it is, I'm hardly going to race out to pile some more layers of sticky stuff on the problem.

Have any of you tried it?
I'm dying to get a first hand opinion.

And will probably be slapping more layers of sticky stuff on over the weekend if I can get hold of some. I'm so bloody fickle.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Foundation of the Revolution

When the weather starts to heat up, my skin gets very upset.
I'm suddenly forcing it to endure thick moisturisers, heavy sunblocks, constant powderings to avoid the shinies and harsh scrubbings at night but still expecting it to look lovely and fresh.

It does not.

As much as I love my Stila tinted moisturiser, it still needs powder to set it and that's just one more layer I can do without at the moment. Well, I found a solution. Granted, I've been a bit slow on this one but now I'm here, I'm embracing the revolution and my new happy skin.

It's i.d. Bare Minerals.

A teeny pot of natural mineral powder foundation. Check.
Cute kabuki brush for swirling, tapping and dusting. Check.
Perfect coverage foundation that doesn't make my skin feel like crap. Check.

I can't get enough of it, seriously. The shade I have, fair, is perfect for my skintone and they have several other shades that would cover every possible skintone. You can layer up the coverage from something sheer and easy to really full, velvety perfection, it stays on all day and it feels great.

Everyone's jumping on the mineral make up bandwagon at the moment but really, if you're going to go for it, start with the best. I'm so in love.

The stockist details are 0870 850 6655, i.d bareMinerals foundation costs just £24.00 and frankly, it's £24.00 well spent.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Instantly Radiant!

All that weeping I've been doing under my desk has been playing havoc with my eyes, and when I'm not worrying about Madonna claws, I'm shatting myself about wrinkly eyes.

Then I found this...

The Darphin Instantly Radiant Stick... Amazing.

Darphin says: it is a unique, hydrating touch-up stick smoothes on eye contour for the look of instant sheer radiance. It is perfect alone or over make-up to soothe, brighten and chase signs of fatigue anytime, anywhere, it is not like any other under eye concealer because whilst it is hiding the dark circles it is also treating them at the same time. This is a must have to keep make-up looking fresh and perfect through out the day. It has active ingredients of imerata cylindrica extract, glycerin and squalance.

I say, it is super cute, fits in your handbag or even pocket, feels divine and cooling and really soothes and tightens the under eye area. If, like me, you often feel like under eye concealers are too heavy and just make you look more tired, this is perfect as it's colourless.

Plus, for all my bleating about getting a spa and making time for ourselves, when you haven't even got time to get the mirror out when that cute boy is on his way over, this can just be swiped on without a care in the world.

Isn't that THE BEST?

All I can say is call 0870 0342566 for stockists and don't let the dark shadows win...

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Raiders of the Found Ark

When I'm not hobnobbing with Graham Norton and his Josephs at film premieres or knee deep in beauty samples (HA!) I can generally be found face down at a desk, hunched over a thousand movie stills with a thousand minute differences with a look of complete terror in my eyes, fist-sized knots in my shoulders and forehead furrows deep enough to grow a fine crop of of hay.

Somone saw this.
Someone took pity on me.
Someone sent me to Ark Health and Beauty in Wimbledon Village.

For almost two blissful hours, I was pampered, preened, pulled and pummelled into squidgy submission by the most lovely therapist I've ever had the pleasure to meet. First we talked about my skin goals (to not look like I've been crying at my desk, mainly) and then said lovely therapist took me downstairs into a lovely, relaxing little room where she cleansed, steamed, massaged and (ouch) squeezed my skin, shoulders and scalp until I was absolutely floating.

Afterwards, we went through my face map to discuss my skin problems and lovely therapist recommended some products to decongest my skin but there was absolutely no pressure. And given that I felt so good, it had crossed my mind that the steamer had included something less legally 'herbal' than eucalyptus*, she probably could have sold me anything.

We ladies often give ourselves a hard time, we have so many commitments, so many things we have to put in front of ourselves that sometimes we forget to stop, slow down and remember that we exist as people too. It doesn't matter how many anti-wrinkle creams you put on your skin, if you're uber stressed, over tired or not looking after yourself, it's going to show.

This experience was such an education. Everything I thought I knew about my skin, everything I'd ever been told was old news. Totally out of date. Now I feel like I've got a much better understanding of how to keep my skin looking lovely and I even have a healthy glow.

The next time I find myself hidden under my desk, making a small fort out of Spider-Man 3 movie tie-in books, I will not hyperventilate and buy a brownie, I will reach for my phone, call Lindsay at Ark and book a facial.

Or maybe a massage...

Or a mani-pedi might be nice...

You can do the same on 020 8944 8099 for Wimbledon Village, 020 8788 8888 for Putney, 020 7243 8889 for Holland Park and 020 7731 8890 for Wandsworth Bridge Road.

*It didn't by the way, they're just really good at Ark, they don't actually get you stoned.

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