Tuesday, 30 January 2007

New New New!

In the interests of making sure you all look your most gorgeous, here's a quick round up of what's new on the high street and internet - there's so much!


Hurrah! You can now purchase Origins from Boots.com and I heartily recommend the Go Modern collection in the Winter White Sale. It includes my beloved Perfect World serum and moisturiser as well as the Checks and Balances face wash and Modern Friction scrub, both of which I've tried and loved. All for the bargain price of £27.50 but with a value of £61.91! It's a introduction to a fantastic skincare regime.

There's also a 3-4-2 deal on selected No. 7 products but to be honest, I'm a bit out of the loop on the range. Go for your life if you're a fan though!

The website has a heap of Olay Regenerist offers so I'll be stocking up for Mother's Day. My grandmother has always used Olay (Oil of Ulay which she insists on calling it still) and her 77 year old skin is almost as peachy as mine and she was a redhead! A beauty inspiration...

Has a neverending parade of beauty to tempt you... I love the celebrity secrets page and it's so good to know that all of my favourite brands are under one roof and deliverable overnight! Stila, BeneFit, Urban Decay, Pout, Paul and Joe, gorgeous. Sigh.

I recently had to buy in a last minute birthday present and went with the Philosophy A Few Good Men lipbalm set. Delivered next day, giftwrapped and super cute - I love this site!

NYC Cosmetics
NYC is a) named after my favourite city and b) a bargain cosmetics brand on sale through Superdrug and while I haven't tried these products myself, they're making some pretty hefty claims. The new loose powder, £2.99 is apparently on a par with Clinique's blended face powder - want to let me know what you think? beautymecca@gmail.com I can't wait to try it.

I quite like the look of the concealer palette though. It's great to be able to blend your own tones and anything that can be manipulated to fit my awkward skintone is good news to me! And it contains a highlighter. NYC, you're spoiling us!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Pretty as a Picture

Now you all know that I love me some blusher and marvel at its ability to make or break an entire look, right?

So I think it's also important that you should know, I have found a new, a pretty, a convenient, a cheaper rival to my beloved BeneTint... Yes. It is true.

Watercolour Blush by Daniel Sandler

It might look like a pit of poster paint but it's actually a pretty pink flush in a perfectly portable bottle. Won't spill, won't leak, won't smash - ten out of ten so far.
The product itself is a bit tricker it handle at first but no harder than any regular cheek stain and the bonus? This washes off much more easily if you do go over the top.

It took me a couple of goes at getting the right amount out because you really only need the teeniest tiniest amount and once or twice, I might have looked a little bit like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummage but now I've got the knack, I've just got a lovely flush going on. Once on the skin, it blends really nicely to a satiny finish and lasts more or less all day.
There are a whole host of colours, which is another great thing about the range and you can get them from Beautique.com for the unprincely sum of £10.

I went with the shade 'Lover' which was a lovely deep pink and looked right with my pale skin but I have to tell you, I'm tempted to try Flush or Icing, two of the other sweet as sugar pinks in the range, now payday has come around. A girl has to have options...

Having never tried Daniel Sandler products before, I'll definitely be delving deeper into the range. While Watercolour Blush isn't going to usurp BeneTint from my make up bag, it is going to sit proudly beside it (and accompany me on my travels while BeneTint sits sadly at home - sorry BT!)

What's in the Bag Lisa Clark?

Not only is Lisa Clark a top author of the go for it girl's guide to life, Think Pink, journo girl and all round talented lady, she's also an extremely talented beauty type who never looks less than a picture of Bettie Page perfection!

In the interests of beauty journalism and my own insatiable nosiness, here's what's in Lisa's bag...

What's your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
YSL number 128 hot pink lipstick. Sigh. A slick of that baby is confidence in ridiculously beautiful gold packaging.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product - what is it?
It would deffo be that lipstick, I defy any skinny-hipped man angel not to turn his head when my lips are pretty in pink!

Out of every product you've ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
I have just discovered YSL Touche Eclat, and while there have been many beauty products I have loved and lost throughout the years, this bad boy is perfect-o allstars – I need never look like I've stumbled into bad lighting ever again.

So the bag…
The bag itself is Benefit: I love me some Benefit and it is bulging at the seams with:

Vera Wang: Princess perfume: mmmm, It's the best smell. Evah.

Benefit Dr Feelgood: I'm not sure what it ACTUALLY is, but I put it on before my foundation and my skin feels baby-soft, it helps mask big pores too!

Rimmel Recover foundation in 'soft beige': It plumps and brightens the skin and stays put all day. I heart it.

Vaseline: It does everything, it would be rude NOT to have it in my bag.

Brow Zings: dark by Benefit: Makes my eyebrows look like I've nicked'em from a 1940's glamour girl!

Get Bent Mascara – Benefit: A wonderbra for my eyelashes – I don't even need eyelash curlers now!

Estee Lauder pure colour lipgloss in Psychedelic: A rainbow in a gloss tube. My lips feel so damn pretty in this, sometimes I apply it over the YSL lipstick for maximum pink lipage!

Too Faced Lip Injection: Putting it on feels like you've eaten 10 bags of salt n' vinegar crisps, but it really works – I'm a perfecto pouter with this on!

Benefit Benetint: This should be in EVERY girls make up bag for that pinched cheek, just in from the cold look – it's also fab for lips –we love a multi-functional prettifier!

Rimmel jet black eyeshadow: Perfect for that smokey eye look

Eye Brightener: Benefit: Worn just inside the eye, it makes for wide-awake eyes even when you're not. In fact, especially when you're not.

Rimmel liquid eyeliner – black: It's essential for any wannabee 60's mod girl.

Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Portobello Pink: So, so pretty.

Dior Glam face and eye highlighter powder: Bought purely for the packaging, but it's really rather fabulous as a tool of prettification!

Think Pink is in the shops now and it's make up minded follow up, Beauty*Licious, is out in June.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

What the People Say...

While I've only been blogging for a couple of weeks now, it seems like there are a whole lot of Beauty Obsessives out there who share my problem.

My name is Beauty Lover and I'm a Beautyaholic.

I figure there's no point to this blog if i'm not going to share what you ladies have told me (I am assuming you're ladies...?) so let's take a look...

Bad Gal
One of you emailed to say you loved the site but was I working for BeneFit and honestly, I'm really not. Beauty Mecca is entirely independent and chock full of honesty. I just love BeneFit products. There are a few that haven't worked out for me but Beauty Mecca is a happy place, not a place of naming and shaming (unless i'm really pissed off).

I do feel compelled to mention the sexy new Some Kinda Gorgeous, which is like a tinted Dr Feelgood. So far, so fabulous! I thought, I've never had any joy with BeneFit foundations as they are always always always too dark or too orange for my ridiculous paleness and tragically, after slapping this on in a darkened room, I discovered this was going to be the same. I discovered I looked Tango'd. I discovered it in the Beauty Hall in John Lewis, Sheffield.

Being the optimist I am (not), I passed this over to one of my more genetically blessed friends, who has a gorgeous golden skintone and she now swears by the stuff. Possibly just to make me jealous. I had the same thing with You Rebel, Non-Fiction foundation and the Playsticks. Boo. But when there are so many other wonderful things, who can complain?

And for the record, two peple have emailed to say they bought Get Bent after seeing it on the site and they LOVE it so all is forgiven.

Blush Baby
A product that received a lot of emails was the Bourjois blusher I mentioned. I thought that when I broke the catch and/or lid on my blush pot, it was because I'm a clumsy cow and I break everything. Not so my lovelies! I've received emails from far and wide explaining that you too have endured a pink handbag lining all for the want of a stronger catch.

Come on Bourjois, I know the mirror, the brush and the great product can't be cheap but please try a little harder with the catch?
And you're totally owned by the same group as Chanel so I know you have the pennies...

I have found a really rather fabulous new blusher which I'll be reviewing next week, when I'm on an altogether more reasonable computer that lets me post pictures. Life is only half the fun without the pics.

Smoky Eyes
Tonight I'm going to a friend's 30th birthday party and will inevitably be attempting the smoky eyes of legend. Jesus knows what I'll do with my mop, I've been growing out a hideous do for six months so it'll most likely face the straighteners... I'll let you know whether or not the eyes have it.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Strong Foundations...

Everyone knows a building will collapse if it doesn't have strong foundations as far as you are concerned, if you've got the wrong slap on to start with, the rest of your make up is the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I've tried every foundation worth having, spending a little and spending alot. My main problem is that I'm super pale with red undertones so I need a porcelain foundation with yellow tones. Sound easy? It's not, while not as tricky as finding foundation for darker skin, pale skin is still under-serviced. Most bargain brands don't go pale enough and even a lot of boutique and premium brands are slow to catch on.

Here are some of the best I've tried...

Stila Tinted Moisturiser

This is cheating really because it's a tinted moisturiser rather than a true foundation but still, the colour is perfect on me and the coverage is pretty good for a tint. It feels lovely on the skin and, with a touch of powder, is all I need to even out my skintone if I'm having a good skin day.

Clinique Skin Smoother Foundation

Now, this is a bit of a cheat because Clinique foundations are actually a touch dark for me but in summer, I can almost pull them off. I have included this one, because a) it's a tube which I love because you can really use all the product and b) it feels DIVINE on the skin, like velvet. Combined with the Smashbox primer, I have never seen my skin look so smooth or feel so soft. Shame about the damn colour!

Bobbi Brown Oil Free Foundation

This is the best of the premium brands I've tried, the colour is perfect for me but I go on and off the formulation. Sometimes, it feels and looks more like it's just sitting on the skin rather than blending in but sometimes it looks just fine. I really rely on Bobbi Brown for the colour so I will be paying them a visit very soon to look for a new formulation!

Rimmel Cool Matte Mousse

Apparently, Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse foundation is our country's number one pick. I tried it, I liked the texture, I liked the staying power, however, what I did not like was looking as though I'd borrowed Jennifer Lopez's make up collection, even with the palest shade. For shame Maybelline! I bought the Rimmel version on offer in Superdrug (it's always on offer somewhere!) and was pleasantly surprised. It's much paler, the cooling affect is pretty good and the staying power is excellent. The only thing I don't love is the feeling it gives when you're working it into the skin, almost like it's seizing up. I'm not going to look a bargain horse in the mouth though, so well done Rimmel!

Monday, 22 January 2007

Inside my make-up bag...

There are two really simple ways to make this world an easier place to be.

One is to get everyone to display their iPod playlists constantly, that way you can tell if you've got stuff in common, if the person has the required amount of respect for both The White Stripes and the early work of Britney Spears and you can more or less find out whether or not that gorgeous guy who sits opposite you on the tube every day could be your future husband or gay best friend.

The other is for every woman you meet to turn out the contents of her make up bag instantly upon meeting you. Is she packing a whole professional kit, just the basics, a night-to-day selection or God forbid, nothing but a chapstick.

Every Monday I'm going to be asking people to turn out their make up bags for you (mostly for me actually) so we can see what every day hot to trot ladies are toting...

In the interests of fairness, I'll go first!

Korres Vitamin Concealer
This is a new product for me but the best liquid pen style concealer I've ever ever used. It even doubled up as foundation when I forgot to take it home at Christmas (I was sick OK?!)

MAC Holiday Palette in Smoky Eyes
My eternal quest for smoked eye make up... This is perfect for day to night. There's a shimmery white and a dusky brown that won't scare my boss and then a greeny grey, glittery silver and midnight black to vamp it up after dark.

Get Bent Mascara

Promised to stop talking about BeneFit. It's great, 'nuff said.

Rosebud Salve

Lovely lipbalm, cult classic in the states but I wouldn't necessarily pay the huge UK price tag on it. You're just as well off with Vaseline.

Dr Feelgood
Again, I won't go on but it's great. Especially in this horrible weather, it just feels like an extra layer of protection between your skin and the wicked wind.

Mini Lip Venom Flash, High Beam and Ooh La Lift!

I love carrying minis. They make me feel like I'm on a constant holiday. I'm so sad.

That's it for today and I'll be honest, that's me packing fairly light. I don't even have a blusher with me!

If you would like to share your make up bag with the world (erm, me) mail me at beautymecca@gmail.com with the contents of your make up bag and if you like, a wee pic of you working your look.

Can't wait to meet you all!

Friday, 19 January 2007

Things That Make Me Smile...

I don't know about you but Friday is usually a day of joy, it's practically the weekend, it's a week closer to pay day and everyone is happier!

Until today.
I had 'one of those days' where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, so I'm posting at 8.30 at night about the things I found in my make up bag on the way home that made me feel that bit better. I'll post pics on Monday, my Mac is rubbish!

Chanel Coco Madamoiselle Twist and Spray Eau de Toilette

I have very acidic skin so most perfumes smell like cat wee on me, particularly, it seems, anything that smells divine on other women. Coco Madamoiselle is an exception. It's light, fresh and even pretty enough to make this January day seem summery. I bought this spray in Duty Free on the way to Seville so it always reminds me of summer days and holildays - guaranteed to make me smile. Plus the gadgety twist up spray appeals to my inner geek girl. Love everything about this.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

I usually have at least one eye colour palette on me as a burst of colour on my eyes is my favourite way to go from day to night. I love Urban Decay and the palettes offer real value for money. The pigment is dense and true, there's a wide range of colours from midnight black to a pearly highlighter and I find that the glitter in the shadows is fine enough not to find its way all over my face. Two thumbs up.

BeneFit Get Bent Mascara

I've been asked if I'm affiliated with Bene Fit because I mention them so much. Honestly? I do know someone that works there but she's not a PR or a marketing bod and isn't behind this blog. I only know her because I'm such a hardcore fan I tried to get their business when I used to work in PR myself (a lifetime ago!). I was converted by BeneTint a long time ago and I always have time to get a quick makeover on one of their counters and try out the new products. This is one of my current faves. The angled brush is a way better applicator than the ordinary Bad Gal Lash mascara and it really opens up my eyes, I have a lot of friends that use this mascara and swear by it, plus, it has cute retro silver packaging and makes me smile. What more can I ask for?

Stila Lip Glaze Sticks

Stila is another brand can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned (pressed powder aside but that's another story). I was lucky enough to receive the fall 2006 lip collection for my birthday and it was full of winners - lip glaze, lip gloss, lip glaze liner and this fabulous lip glaze stick. It'sgot far more pigment than the regular lip glazes but goes on like a dream, I can't stop rubbing my lips together once it's on. And because it's a handy dandy pencil, the application is easy, even on the Tube. My one concern is that teh shade I'm currently using, Fig, is a gorgeous attention grabbing fuschia shade but it's a touch to glittery, hence it being saved for cheer-me-up tube ride home. Looking forward to expanding my collection come pay day!

Thursday, 18 January 2007


I was going to post some of my favourite hair products today but the insane wind that we're experiencing in London has inspired me to post not about my messy mop (and we're not talking windswept, we're talking Wurzel Gummage). So I figured I'd try and find a positive in this crappy weather, like how glowy my cheeks are at the moment.

I was lucky/unlucky enough to get the Trinny and Susannah treatment for a newspaper once and they were kind enough to point out I was one of the palest people they had ever seen and that I should live and die by blusher. And it was the best advice I've ever had. A good cheek colour for me is the difference between looking like I died in the night and had my corpse delivered to my desk and looking like a happy, healthy spring chicken/productive member of staff. If you doubt the difference blush can make, go back and watch the first couple of seasons of Sex and the City and then pop on season four - the perfect soft pink blusher takes ten years off SJP.
So here are my top cheek products, go forth and glow.

BeneFit BeneTint

My absolute favourite product ever ever ever for cheeks. Even on my pale skin, it makes me look rosy and healthy without any chalkiness or tidemarks. Because it's a sheer liquid stain that allows natural skintones to shine through, creating a completely natural but very cute finish. Powders can mask skin and look too heavy and creams can melt but BeneTint is always right and adjusts to suit everyone.

If it's your first time with a stain, go easy. I looked like Coco the Clown the first time I used it! Better yet, go to a BeneFit counter for a demo (and a free makeover!) to get it perfect. The new Pocket Pal edition includes clear lipgloss and is perfect for travelling.

If you've ever spilled BeneTint (on your mother's new seagrass carpet - sorry mum) you'll know what a bitch it can be to clean up. The easy answer is, don't screw the cap too tightly, it will break, don't try and rub it off, you will just rub it in - basically, don't spill it!

BeneFit Georgia

My friends are completely split between BeneFit's gorgeous Georgia and Dandelion powders. For me, it's Georgia because my skin has red undertones so the apricot powder balances me out and gives a fresh, healthy glow. Plus the box and the brush are cute as hell and it smells divine.
I use this over BeneTint every day to set the stain and all over my face in summer as most bronzers are too harsh for me. Neither Dandelion or Georgia are true blushers in that they don't really give you that 'pinched cheek' look but they do give you a healthy pick me up and leave a translucent veil of 'look at me!" prettiness.

Bene Fit High Beam

I did tell you I loved BeneFit! Once I've got my Benetint and Georgia going on, if I'm still in need of an extra boost (dry skin, hangover, no sleep because the cat wanted to play at 3am, 4am and 5am) I add a dab of High Beam to my cheekbones and browbones for instant but subtle zing.

There have been so many imitation products and believe me, I've tried most of them, but they're just false economy. This is the original and the best although not very portable. If you need to carry it about, invest in a Realness of Concealness or Valley of the Stars set for a wee version - too cute!

Bourjois Blush
Look, it's not BeneFit! In my work make up bag, you will always find a little round pot of Bourjois blush. I'm too afraid to carry my BeneTint near my iPod and work laptop so I stick with these sweet pots of colour.
They come in every shade under the sun, I love the bright dolly pinks that make my cheeks pop and the even brush included is quite good. Unlike most blusher brushes included in compacts, it doesn't leave a stripe on your cheek. Again, be light in your application as they can be quite dense but they are portable, pretty and best of all, affordable.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A Cheap Thrill...

If you're not penny pinching after an early Christmas payday whilst paying off massive credit card bills, bravo. Seriously, can we schedule in some financial planning?

If you are, welcome to my world. This is the time of year to shun the beauty halls and close your eyes to all those glossy ads, even though it's also the time of year when we're being beaten by the elements and our skins are tired and completely partied out.

Where do we turn in times of trouble? We turn to our old friends Superdrug, Boots and the supermarkets (who's going to know if you slip a lipstick into your shopping trolley?) with all their great offers and bargainous products. Sure it takes a little time for the technology to trickle down to the high street and maybe the pigment isn't so concentrated but now is the time for a quick fix, not a major investment. Perk yourself up with some nail colour or a new lipstick and don't be afraid to slather on the bargain moisturiser, after all, you're worth it...

L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder

This widely available powder retails for about £6.99 on the high street and you can usually find it on offer if you're prepared to hunt around a little. It gives good coverage and I found the palest tone was perfect for my skin. Go easy with the included applicator sponge as it could look a little heavy and chalky if you apply too much but it's a good bargain option.

The only downside is the packaging which looks cheap and hardly makes you want to flash it around BUT you're not going to cry about losing a beautiful compact if doesn't make it back home with you on a night out.

It's such a a tart.

Soap & Glory's Rich & Foamous Luxury Spa Bath Box

Seriously, this is the best bargain I have seen in a loooong time. I asked for this set for Christmas and will now be buying as many more as Boots.com will let me. This is a great big box of their exclusive new Soap&Glory range from Marcia Kilgore, creator of top spa brand, Bliss. It includes a fabulous body scrub that feels amazing, like you're rubbing your body with a very sugary cake mix, a body butter, hand cream, shower cream and a handy toweling headband. Honestly, I love it and was planning a whole Soap&Glory feature later this week.

Grab this £25 wonder for just £6.25 while you can! If you miss it, use your Christmas advantage points and grab the individual products anyway. They're cheap, effective and fun - the perfect beauty buy!

HQHair.com Outlet Store

If your heart is set on premium brands, head over to HQhair.com and click on their outlet store. There's no end of Paul&Joe, Urban Decay and Philosophy goodies at up to 70% off retail price.

Special mention to Pout who appear to be clearing out a whole heap of stock through the site with at least 50% off so if you haven't tried this gorgeous, fun brand yet, why not dip your toe in with a 53% saving on an 'X-Rated' lipstick, only £5.64 - and they deliver next day!

L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder


Soap & Glory's Rich & Foamous Luxury Spa Bath Box


HQHair.com Outlet Store: Pout

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

A Few of My Favourite Things...

There are so many products I've tried, liked and loved but here are a few that I cannot be without right now... Ready the credit cards, ladies.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This tiny bottle of goodness came in a Smashbox kit that I picked up in Sephora last time I was in NYC. It's been mentioned on so many blogs that I was really excited to try it but to be honest, really cynical - I mean, what can a primer really achieve? Well, this gel like formula glides on to your skin making it feel velvety and soft and leaves a perfect canvas for your foundation. It also genuinely helps make up stay on all day!

You can buy it in the UK from QVC but do yourself a favour, as recommended by The Beauty Addict blog, get the twin travel sized tubes rather than the larger pump as you'll get more product out of the packaging and more for your money.

Dr Feelgood

I'm never sure exactly what I'm supposed to do with Dr Feelgood, does it go under make up, over make up, on bare skin? But whatever way I use it, it makes my skin matte, even and soft to the touch, never leaving a nasty powdery residue.

Because I'm so pale, I struggle with powders like I struggle with foundations but this colourless balm never lets me down. If I do want more coverage, I tend to turn to BeneFot Get Even in 01 which is a lovely light powder with yellow tones to cancel out my icky pinkess. Gorgeous. I should warn you now, I'm a HUGE BeneFit fan so expect to see a lot of their products coming up!

Smashbox: Photo Finish Primer

BeneFit: Dr Feelgood

Always check out Boots for your BeneFit products, they quite often run a lot of Advantage points offers that you won't get buying it from somewhere fancy. Boo. You can pick up 300 extra points right now when you spend £15 on selected skincare, yesterday's recommended BeneFit Honey Snap Out Of It! Scrub included!

Monday, 15 January 2007

First Things First...

I wanted to start things off by saying I am currently enjoying the best skin I've ever had.
The problem is, I don't know exactly why...

I recently changed all of my skincare products and can't pin down which one is making the dramatic difference to my rosy glow and blemish free complexion. Here's what I'm using, from start to finish:

I'm washing with Rhodes to Heaven Organic Rose Facial Wash, which I'm trying out for a beauty publication. At first I really didn't like it - too strong a scent of roses, the gel was too thick and it needed tonnes of water to 'give' and my skin was left feeling a little dry. Two weeks in and I'm completely turned around. I used to be so guilty of overworking my skin with exfoliants because I didn't understand my skintype at all but this gentle cleanser is a dream. I'm still not crazy about the smell but I think it's doing a great job.

Once a week I use the skin polisher too which I'm still not completely sold on. I'm more of a BeneFit 'Honey Snap Out Of It' scrub or Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash kind of a girl, the Bliss scrub is really gentle and smells divine, while the BeneFit scrub doubles up as a mask and you really know your face is clean after using it!

Post bathroom, I follow up the cleanser with the Origins Perfect World eye serum, skin guardian and moisturiser that I bought on my last trip to New York and man alive, I cannot say enough good things about these products. You can buy them here but they're mucho pricier so if you know anyone in the US, get a care package sent pronto.

I love the scent, the texture, the way they leave my skin feeling soft and supple and protected and even the lovely packaging. The only thing I'm disappointed in, is the lack of sunscreen, so much so that when the moisturiser runs out, I think I'm going to have to swap to another brand with an SPF. What can I say? I'm uber pale.


I'm all over Johnson&Johnson's Eye Make Up Remover Pads. They take off every last scrap of my eye make up and they're as soft as clouds. No dragging here. Then it's back to the Rose Cleansing Gel and Origins Perfect World Eye Serum but for moisturising, I'm testing a REN product, Frankincense & Boswellia Serrata Repair Cream.

Again, the scent really put me off this at first (it smells like black pepper!) and although it's not really a nightcream, the scent is way too powerful to wear in the day. Also, no spf again - what's wrong with these people?! The moisturiser is supposed to work like a natural Botox but I'm not really seeing any difference in my fine lines, although my skin does look good. I don't think I'll buy it again.

If I had to guess which products were doing all the hard work, I'd guess the Origins Perfect World trio but that could just be because I love them so. Maybe I'm putting altogether too much thought into this and need to get back to soap and water with Oil of Olay, like my 77 year old grandmother - she has the skin of a peach!

Rhodes to Heaven: The Organic Rose Facial Wash

Origins: A Perfect World

Johnson&Johnson Eye Make Up Remover Pads

REN: Frankincense & Boswellia Serrata Repair Cream

BeneFit: Honey Snap Out Of It! Scrub

Bliss: Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Friday, 12 January 2007

Welcome to Beauty Mecca

Hello and welcome to my vaguely sacrilegious blog.

As part of my new year's resolution to stop buying an unnecessary number of beauty products that can't possibly deliver what they promise, I decided to share my (vast and expensive) experience with anyone who happened upon it. Hopefully we can all share some great products we know and love, discover some new finds and avoid the sneaky disaster products.

Just to introduce myself, I'm a 20-something Londoner, wishing she was in New York (a Sephora on every corner!) who is wasting a large percentage of her salary every month in the search for the perfect foundation, the perfect mascara and how to create smokey eyes without looking like I've been punched - is that too much to ask?

I'll be trawling the high street, internet and (gulp) QVC to find you the best buys out there, so whether you're a beauty virgin looking to dip your toe in with a tinted moisturiser or a make up maven with experience to share, this is the blog for you.

Hope you enjoy!

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