Friday, 19 February 2010

Wild Organics Calming Cornflower Collection

My life has been faintly mental lately and quite frankly, shows no sign of calming down any time soon. So it's either, forcibly calm myself or lose what grip I have left on my tiny mind. Turns out you can't always shop/drink/watch Lost to lower your blood pressure and hope to live, so I was very happy when my friend gave me a bunch of this Wild Organics stuff last time I was in London.

You all know I heart lavender almost as much as your great aunt Ethel and lavender essence is one of the main ingredients in this blend of goodness, which might explain why I swooned immediately upon inhaling the body butter. There's geranium, vitamin E and obvs, some cornflower in there - all totes refreshing, soothing and generally fantastic for your skin. If you've got the time and inclincation, I reccomend kicking back in the bath, using the body wash as bubble bath (perhaps while reading the fabulous I Heart Hollywood, OUT NOW) and then smothering yourself in the body butter before heading off to dreamland.

As well as feeling soft and smooth and super relaxed, you can also feel pretty good about yourself because they're certified by EcoCert and 10% of all profits go to the Freedom from Fistula Foundation helping save the lives of thousands of African mothers. Mmm, a lovely inflated sense of self-esteem as well as general well-being.

Oh, and there's a great skin polish too but that's more of a late night shower option than a bath treat. Not that I have access to a bath in NYC.

Which might explain my high levels of insanity...

The prods are available from and QVC.
God, I do miss me some QVC...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

MAC Speak Louder: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Surprisingly, despite Valentine's having been and gone in a flurry of gifts, flowers and singing telegrams, (and not at all brunch with the girls and then drinks with the gays) I just can't seem to give up on the Great Kiss Off. Too many awesome lippies out there and far too much kissing to be done. so, here goes...

So am I you reviewing for us today?
MAC Cremesheen in Speak Louder

Tell us about its fabulousness...
It's a bright, clean, blue pink colour and I loves it. As with all MAC Cremesheen colours, it goes on with impact and the colour is super vibrant although definitely wearable for daytime for the more colour confident ladies out there. There is no bleeding, flaking or straying, it's just all round good times.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
Well, it definitely announces itself as worthy of any chap's attention but, as with all strong colours, it does tend to smudge a little once you get down to it. And there is some transfer worry also. My suggestion is to layer up for an evening with the girls and smudge into a stain if you're planning on getting hot and heavy. That way, you get the pretty colour without leaving tell tale collar stains. Which, quite frankly, are a bitch to get out and you don't want to be stuck with his dry cleaning bill, do you?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

myface.cosmetics/MyCrush on Jennifer Aniston

I just want to take a moment out of The Great Kiss Off 2010 to a) rest my smackers and b) declare my allegiance to Team Aniston. No, really, how HOT has this woman been looking lately? It's insane. Really, I'm straight as a die but if I was going to go sappho on a lady, can you think of anyone better?

Happily, the good people at MyFace cosmetics have put together a foolproof guide on how to get her easy Californian glow without, you know, having to go to California.

1. A really good foundation should feel like you’re not wearing any, the results should be a ‘just stepped out of the spa’ glow that enhances the skin instead of masking it. myface.cosmetics have created a lightweight waterbased foundation that gives a totally flawless finish with just the right amount of coverage that still allows skin to really glow.

2. Lightly smooth myface.cosmetics mymix foundation (£12.99) on to the face using finger tips, as the heat from hands will gently warm up the foundation so it literally glides over the skin to achieve a beautifully dewy finish that does not sit in any fine lines or pores. It is an incredible anti-ageing base as it gives a gorgeous youthful radiant finish.

3. Remember to always use a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation to cover any blemishes, age spots and pigmentation.. myface.cosmetics mycover concealers(£9.99) are perfectly in sync with the corresponding foundation bases to create a seamless finish.

4. Always apply concealer with a finger tips and a light touch under the eyes, and right up to the lash-line to banish tired eyes. Don’t forget to conceal around the nose to remove redness– this will literally knock years off your skin. You can also use the myface concealer to mask any darker areas that can look ageing next to the eyes by the temples by applying in a C shape and blending upwards.

5. Finally sweep a tiny amount of powder, like myface.cosmetics mymatch powder (£9.99), over the forehead, nose and chin. It is so finely milled that is goives an instant airbrushed effect without losing that gorgeous natural looking glow.

More importantly than any of this for me, is that myface actually does a a high street foundation that is the right shade for my skin. Amazeballs. And if you buy any myface foundation from Boots before the 25th February, you actually get the matching concealer for FREEBIES! How good is that?

RNA Pure Passion Awards

Never one to blow my own trumpet (tooty-too) I Heat Hollywood has been nominated for The People's Choice Pure Passion award in the annual RNA prize giving shennanigans.


I mean, you know, please.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Today, bestselling author, Lindsey Kelk (cough, me, cough) reviews for us. Aren't we lucky? She is truly one of the most talented, wonderful and beautiful women alive. Even if we do say so ourselves. Which I suppose we kind of are doing.

So what are you reviewing for us today, bestselling author Lindsey Kelk?
I am selflessly giving my lips up to Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday

Tell us about its fabulousness...
Well, first;y, it's Nars which means I am predestined to love it deeply. I love Nars products in a big bad dirty way and this chunky lip pencil was no exception. As it's a pencil, it's super easy to apply but unlike a lot of other pencil colours, it isn't so drying - for the most part of the day, I was lip balm free. The matte finish is smooth and the colour lasts for a long time. I wore Roman Holiday which is a bright pale pink but a lot more wearable than you would think at first glance. Purdy.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
It was OK. I did find that my lips started to get a little dry towards the end of the day (and after some kissing) so I had to apply some balm which had a not-so-great effect on the colour and staying power of the pencil. So I would say this is more for a night out with the girls than a night in with yo' maaaan.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ruby & Millie Hot Gloss: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Because I would never ask another to do something I wasn't prepared to do myself, I threw my lips into the firing line this weekend and gave a couple of prods a good going over (cough) for The Great Kiss Off and here, my loves, are the results.

So what are you reviewing for us today, BeautyLover?
Well, BeautyLover, since you ask, it's Ruby & Millie's Hot Gloss in Juicy

Tell us about its fabulousness...
I really like it! As a regular wearer of plumping glosses and the like, they usually don't have a lot of effect on me but this bad boy - wow, you certainly knew you were wearing it. There was a distinct warming sensation and almost cinnamon taste that came on strong and lingered for ages, which created a visible plumping effect. The colour isn't the strongest but it looks great layered over a stain or a matte effect lipstick and even better with a strong, dark matte eye. Plus, I always enjoy a pen applicator gloss.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
Ok, so here's the deal - this shizz is going to get you kissed but if you're wearing a lot of it, the kissee is not going to thank you. Boys cannot handle the effects of plumping glosses, FACT. So my advice is to larp it on for the 'come hither' section of the evening and then coyly remove and replace with a lovely soft balm that won't leave him in physical pain.
That's a job for you and you alone.

Me likey.
Oh, and Ruby & Millie is on 3 for 2 at right now! GO, GO, GO!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

MAC High Tea: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Today's self-sacrificing volunteer is the ever smoochable Alison Ruane of London Town.
She's going to be telling us all about the wonder that is...

So what are you reviewing for us today?
MAC High Tea (lustre finish)

Tell us about its fabulousness...
My current (and enduring) fave is MAC’s Lustre in High Tea. As with all MAC’s, it comes in a pleasing bullet shaped case, tastes deliciously cocoa-ish and works both for the office and after hours, particularly if you’re going heavy on the smokey eyes. I love MAC lipsticks and am coveting the ever popular Russian Red, but the man in the Brixton concession told me it is sold out everywhere (and let’s face it, if you can’t get something in Brixton, where CAN you?)

Ms Ruane has been very coy and not given us a kissing review but I intend to force her to test it out on Saturday on the first viable male specimen. All in the name of investigate journalism, mind.


So, I had all these grand plans for January features and because I accidentally had a life and a job, they fell by the wayside somewhat. But one of the most important features I wanted to talk to you about was cleansing because, you know, fresh start and all that.

Since I got to the US, I've been using Cetaphil face wash and by and large It's been fine. What hasn't been fine is my inability to find a half-decent eye-make up remover. Now, I realise I wear more eye make-up than most on a daily basis and between the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil, primer, Bad Gal Waterproof pencil, Mac shadows and either Jemma Kid lash tint (on a yoga day) or Maybelline Colossal mascara, I'm asking a lot of a make up remover but still - I HATE panda eyes. It's so wrong. So far I've tried and seen off removers from Clarins, Bliss, Simple and various other drugstore brands that have failed miserably but at last, I think I've found a winner. Which also helps you understand why I started here with the Cetaphil reference that is seemingly unrelated in anyway... Seriously, people pay me to write and I don't even make sense to myself...

Sorry. So, I'm visiting London this weekend and TWO of my friends asked me to bring back Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser. Now, I've never used it. Lame, I know. I HEART Philosophy's body products, the Kiss Me gloss and all their seasonal goodies but their face products never worked for me. I know lots of girls who swear by Hope is Important and look amazing but it made me break out. We just weren't meant to be. But inspired by the purchase request of two ladies with amazing skin, I picked up a bottle of the cleanser and, at the same time, the Just Release Me eye make-up remover. In the bottle, it reminded me a little of the Boots Botanics product I loved for many, many years but obvies was more expensive. Prettier though. I'll never be rich.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the Purity left my skin soft and clean and lovely, so I was happy about that but FUCK ME (sorry for the swearing but it's necessary) the Just Release Me eye make-up remover is AMAZING. It took off EVERYTHING with just a couple of swipes. I thought it had removed my eyelashes at one point, I can't remember the last time my lashes were so bare. And yet, it's super gentle. Definitely witchcraft.

I will be rebuying this bad boy and I suggest you do the same.

Blistex Cherry Lip Balm: The Great Kiss Off 2010

We have our first entry for The Great Kiss Off 2010!
Today's review comes from the very beautiful Ms Annalisa Woods, recently of Copenhagen (and leaving lots of broken hearted boys in London that will no longer benefit from her dedication to Kiss Off Research).

Here's what she has to say:

So what are you reviewing for us today, Ms Woods?
Blistex Cherry Lip Balm

Tell us about its fabulousness...
It NEVER, ever, ever fails. (taking all effort not to burst into an All Saints rendition there!) It's by far the best balm for soft lips, no matter how dry and cracked and gross my lips are, this works like a charm. It also gives lips that "come hither" shine rather than the "if you put your lips on mine my gloss will trap them there forever" gloopy, shine.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
Every time I've had this on when I've kissed a guy they have commented on how soft and sweet and goregous my lips are. NO LIE.It's a sure fire way to guarantee that the guy that just kissed you will want to kiss you for evermore. Fact. And you can't argue with fact.

Well dang me, she's right. You cannot argue with fact.
I think I'll be stocking up on this when I mosey on over to London this weekend.

If you have a surefire smoocher, email me at with the name of the product, some general info about why you love it and how it copes with the kissing.
It's all for the greater good, ladies!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Marc Jacobs Lola Again

Wow, I have been SHODDY in January.
Honestly, though, it's been a mad month - I Heart Hollywood came out, I finished I Heart Paris, work kicked off manically, boys were pains in my arse and well, loads of other stuff. Like... the WWE Royal Rumble was last night. And uh, I've been drunk a lot.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you AND two other things:
1. The Great Kiss Off 2010 will begin TOMORROW. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you rock on back to some of last February's posts and check it out. Basically, lots of lovely ladies email me and tell me which are the best lipsticks for snogging and which are the worst. It's not just a cunning ploy to give me an awesome pick up line, honest.

2. Remember when I loved Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume but wasn't convinced of its summeriness? I was correct - I spritzed this morning out of contrariness and I SMELL AMAZING. No shit.
It's just awkward how turned on I am by me right now.

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