Thursday, 26 February 2009

I Heart Me: Hello Kitty

I'll be brief because there isn't much to say, other than OH MY GOD.
Honestly, no one tells me their secrets because I just can't keep them but I had these images embargoed for the last MONTH and kept them to myself.

Now the question is, can I wait to get it at duty free next week or do I go Kitty Kouture shopping this week???
Now I should warn you, before you hit up your MAC store, there is way more than this so be prepared to empty out your pockets. I'm obsessed with the blush (pictured top), the lipglass and the tinted lip conditioner which I don't have an image of but bejesus, it's pretty.

And who doesn't want to paint their claws with nail lacquers called On the Prowl or play up their peepers with shadow sets like Lucky Tom.

Honestly, I'm salivating. As much as I loved this, these shit alllllllllllllll over the Barbie collection from 2007. Really.

Too much... awesomeness... for one day...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off: MAC Cremesheen Lipglass

Well, someone has been busy. Here is the second Kiss Off review from Miss Lisa Clark...
And basically, I'm so freaking jealous.

1. What did you test for us miss?
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Petite Indulgence

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
Hello? It's MAC. It's freakin' bee-you-tiful.

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube?
It's quite possibly the most perfect shade of pink I ever did see in the tube, although as my lips have quite a bit of red in them, it didn't look quite as perfectly pink on my lips. That's the fault of my parental genes and NOT the fault of MAC.

4. How easy was it to apply?
It's easy-glide loveliness!

5. How does it feel on?
It's really conditioning and isn't one of those stick-your-lips-together glosses - my pout was deffo up for a li'l smooch time.

6. How long did it last?
Well, pre-kissing, my lips were still pink and pouty after two glasses of pink fizz, half a pizza and a shared cheesecake, which I think is pretty incredz.

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Not so well, but it is a gloss and the idea of gloss is to make your lips look kissable right? So it deffo did the job, it got the smooch. Result.

8. And any other exciting kissing related stories DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE LIPSTICK YOU TESTED (not just general sluttiness, I really don't want to know, or at least, not until we've had a glass of wine) are much appreciated.
My date - a super hot Egyptian guy - followed up the smooch with roses. 20 of them. MAC - you rule.

Honestly, I'm a seething, bubbling ball of jealousy. Why didn't I keep this one? Why? Why? I'm going to have to go and buy this one now.
As in right now.

Monday, 23 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off: Mac Shy Girl

I know it's two posts in one day, you lucky, lucky people but I've got a barrage of Kiss Off tests coming in and bloody hell, it's almost March already.

The lovely Miss Jenny Jacoby from Londinium has not adhered to the approved structure of review but she's awfully good and so I'm just posting as is.

MAC Cremesheen ‘Shy Girl’

Valentine’s evening is traditionally heady with the scents and sounds of young lovers getting ready for their dates; all that straightening, smoothing, pouting and preening like so much animal rutting. But like Lisa Houseman on the eve of her ill-fated date with Robbie, there’s only one cry echoing in my house on this internationally-recognised night of romance.

“Where is my beige, iridescent lipstick??”

Oh, here it is. It’s MAC Cremesheen ‘Shy Girl’.

Perfectly shaped for a fruity Valentines Day, it comes in a love-weapon zeppelin that reminds me of something to do with doing it with boys. Actually, make that more like something to do with doing it solo.

Unsheathing it and giving a gentle screw, I’m greeted by a pinky-beige protrusion – certainly an attractive colour but one more reminiscent of Dirty Dancing-era dates than a vixen colour that would encourage actual dirty dancing.

But what of its kissability? It applies so easily I thought it might slip off just as easily, but it seemed to stay put. Its only downside has to be that it is such a light hue that you could hardly notice it decorating my boyfriend’s cheek. Shame.

*editor's note: snigger.

On the plus side, it's awful pretty and another perfect choice to balance out smokey eyes so go for it if you're looking for a subtle pout. If you're more harlot than Shy Girl, you could try 'Lickable' the Cremesheen hot pink shade that I tried out back at the beginning of the month.

The Great Kiss Off: Benefit The Gloss

So, I felt bad about leaving the gloss testing to so many others while I was sick and as such, I took it upon myself to put one of our latest entrants through its paces at the weekend. The things I do for you...

1. Which lip gloss did you test for us miss?
BeneFit The Gloss in Streakin'

2. How did you feel about the packaging?
It's not as fancy schmancy as some glosses but it fits neatly inside a wee handbag and I like the applicator.

3. How about the colour in the tube?
The pretty nude pink shade balanced my silvery smokey eyes to perfection, giving my lips just enough colour and sheen to carry it all off.

4. How easy was it to apply?
Super easy, the applicator isn't too long and so it's easy to reapply on public transport/in a cold queue whilst wearing high heels/on the dance floor when you really shouldn't be reapplying lip gloss.

5. How does it feel on?
Silky, satiny and generally lovely. Have to say though, I don't love the scent and smell of BeneFit's glosses at the moment. They're not bad, they're just not as edible as many of the other glosses out there at the moment.

6. How long did it last?
Well, it is a gloss and so it really isn't a long-lasting option but well done BeneFit, this wasn't bad at all. I applied before going out, topped up after dinner, again after a few cocktails and then post-cocktails, who knows? I have a terrible habit of going through half a tube when I've had a couple. There is never enough gloss once I've had a drink... This inability to judge is why I don't take Juicy Tubes out with me. All. Over. My Face.

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Sigh, while the gloss wasn't extravagantly tested lip-on-lip, it did lots of air kissing and smooched up to one to many champagne flutes so I'm prepared to say it was okay. Plus, I'm not being funny, I looked all kinds of pretty in it and so I think it would have done a much better job had a large portion of the night not been spent debating whether or not I was a fire hazard* with a bouncer in a queue.

I do love BeneFit and while this might not be as awesome as the Her Glossiness options, it was really beautiful and shockingly for a gloss these days, not at all sparkly which made a nice change actually. I will certainly be Streakin' again soon.

*Apparently, had I been allowed in, I would have been a fire hazard but only because it was very, very full, not in a sexy 'you're so hot you're smoking' way.
Whatevs, Mr Doorman, whatevs.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I Heart Me: Molton Brown

God, being ill is really a buzzkill.
No one wants to test lipsticks with me/on me/at me because no one can get close enough without me hacking my guts up. It's not attractive in any way shape or form.

What is attractive at times like these is The Bath. And the only more attractive, Bed.
So imagine my delight when I found out about the new Molton Brown Sleep collection. Stuff to put in your bath to make you sleep in your bed... it's a miracle of the modern age. My favourite item is the Cederus Bathing Elixir, a beautiful foaming elixir of joy that leaves your skin soft and your brain much less kerfuffled. You know I'm a lavender fiend but there's also orange oil, evening primrose oil and cederus tree oil (from the Atlas Mountains, no less) which all come together to make just general wonderment.

I'd give anything to be in a Molton Brown bath right now, swiftly followed by a good dose of bed. Seriously, I just got all the cold medicine and ibuprofen out of my handbag and there's enough hanging around in there to dose up an elephant - what's that all about?
Pretty sure a Molton Brown bath would do me just as much good... grump, sniff, grump.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Heart Me: Etsy

I'm having a bit of a slightly insane week, you'll be pleased to know, and as such, boy kissing has taken something of a backseat for now. Don't panic, The Great Kiss Off 2009 will be back to full strength very soon but until I've sorted out my kerfuffled brain, I'm trying to preoccupy myself with pretty things that take no time or effort on my part. Pretty things like these AWESOME necklaces from TrashyDeluxe on Etsy.

Are you a pretty lady?

Or Easy?

Or (snigger) just a big Slutbag?

I really can't choose, they're all too awesome but so far I've ordered Classy and Easy in sterling silver. one way or another we're getting this kissing thing back on the road, right?

Check out the TrashyDeluxe website here for more inspiration or email the lovely, lovely people to get a custom made piece. Seriously, I dares you to get a super dirty word and wear it for work.
Carrie eat your heart out.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off: Estee Lauder Caramel

You have all been so busy... It pleases me no end that I've made BeautyMecca's friends into a big bunch of kiss sluts. Go us!
Today's tester is Miss Kathryn Hays of Edinburgh.
Who is in no way a kiss slut or any other kind of slut.
Well, she's a bit easy when it comes to shoes and handbags.
I hear.

1. Which lipgloss did you test for us miss?
Estee Lauder Caramel A38

2. How did you feel about the packaging?
Classic Estee Lauder packaging, which I think is simple and elegant

3. How about the colour in the tube?
The colour was probably a little too brown for me but aesthetically the way the gloss colour is striped throughout the tube looks very striking and is a nice aesthetic touch, I think it would make a great gift as it is very eye-catching.

4. How easy was it to apply?
Very easy, the sponge applicator is simple and effective, no muss, no fuss.

5. How does it feel on?
Lovely, it's not too gloopy or sticky and smells and tastes lovely.

6. How long did it last?
Well, for a gloss, I'm more of a lipstick gal and it didn't hold up as well as a lipstick would, but nonetheless had good staying power, although I may have reapplied more than was strictly necessary purely because it tastes and smells so nice!

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Pretty well, though again, not as well a lipstick would have, but it had the advantages of tasting nice and being a subtle enough colour that there was no embarrassing smudging post-kissage! So all in all, I would thoroughly recommend this!

I do love me a bit of Estee Lauder. I am the first to put my hands up and say it isn't the first brand that comes to mind when I'm make up shopping, maybe it's my natural aversion to gold or the fact that my grandmother uses the brand but I always sort of felt like 'it wasn't for me' but oh my was I wrong. The textures and formulations of Lauder are always gorgeous and long-lasting and quite frankly, I would be passing for that nana of mine right now if it weren't for Advanced Night Repair...

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Morning After the Night Before: Eve Lom Rescue Mask

My God I feel rough.
And do you know what, it's not even going out related. Where's the fairness in that, I ask you? no, my lovely cold has graduated into a hacking forty-a-day cough, designed to amuse and alarm everyone within a twenty foot radius. It is tres attractive.

Happily, even though I feel like absolute shit, I actually look alright (well, until you get up awfully close and thanks to the cough, you won't) and this miracle can only be attributed to my new Eve Lom Rescue Mask. You know how you read about how awesome things are for years and years but you don't really believe it, then you try it and realise your life has been an empty sham of a mockery of a sham up until that moment? You do? Brill. Because that's what's happened here. I've had friends use Eve Lom and tell me how fabulous it is for years but I didn't believe them but now I've seen the error of my ways and I am converted.

The Rescue Mask is a little pot of wishes and dreams that comes with a golden spatula so you can smother the cool, squidgy joy all over your skin without having to put your filthy fingers into the jar - I like already. After a few minutes of tingly, cooling goodness, you wash off the mask to reveal refreshed, refined beautiful skin. Apparently there's camphor, kaolin, honey and ground almonds in here but I think it's more likely that they've added in some fairy tears and the sigh of a kitten for good measure. Honestly, I don't know exactly what's going on but I do know I've made space in the bed for this product because I love it more than any man.

Buy, buy, buy.

Friday, 13 February 2009

I Heart Me: Valentine's Extravaganza

Now, as The Great Kiss Off may suggest, I'm not giving up on all of boykind but I have decided not to put my Valentine's faith in them this year (well, not in one in particular, it just didn't seem fair) and so I've declined all boy-related activity and am instead rocking it with my ladies and Lovefoxx from CSS. Lovefoxx doesn't know we're spending the evening together yet but I think it will be a lovely surprise for her...

Anyway, I'm so not a hearts and flowers girl at the best of times and so I will be treating myself to some of these Valentine's beauties tomorrow.

This isn't strictly all BeautyMecca, all the time but I'm so heading to the Annick Goutal boutique for one of these beautiful bracelets - don't you just love?

And to make sure my hair is super soft and all kinds of touchable, I'll be basting it in ESPA's Pink hair and scalp mud. Because pink is relevant, right?

While the deep conditioner is doing it's thing, I'll be singing Let's Get It On and lighting this gorgeous SPC candle. It smells divine and quite frankly, could give an impotent panda the horn, so it's tres appropriate.

Finally, I'll be layering on some stunning slap. Lovefoxx deserves only the best so she'll be getting the perfect pout thanks to Eve Lom's Kiss Mix lipbalm.

And there will be super sparkly eyes from Bobbi Brown and Clinique liner in Blackened Pewter for definition. I'm thinking the Clinique Lash Power mascara to finish it all off, there is no better mascara to last the night. And still be there the next morning...

The Great Kiss Off: Mac Lipstick in St Germain

I know we're testing a lot of Mac for the Kiss Off but well, Mac sent us a lot to test. It's that simple really... The only problem is that I don't have a pic of this bad boy so you'll just have to check it out here.
Today's tester is friend of BeautyMecca, Mis Emelie Frid of Londinium, who has put Mac's St Germain lipstick through its paces.

1. What did you test for us Miss Frid?

Amplified Crème Lipstick in Saint Germain.

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
It is *so* luverly! Sleek and streamlined and minimal (though the BF commented that it looked like a futuristic Tampax - this however did nothing to alleviate my gormless gushing).

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube

Well, it's incredibly pink. Hurt Your Eyes Neon Pink in fact, circa 1985. With my red hair and pale skin I thought it would be a colour clash disaster at a rare scale, but somehow… it worked. Don’t ask me how. It must be the magic of MAC. I need to buy more of their stuff, that much is clear.

4. How easy was it to apply?

Very easy, even for me who rarely wears lipstick. It just went on, nice and even. No troubles.

5. How does it feel on?
Nice! The main reason I don't wear lipstick - aside from a tendency to look like I'm playing grown up with mummy's make-up box - is that I find it dries out my lips. Not so here - lips remained moist and in tip-top condition, and I barely noticed I was wearing it.

6. How long did it last?

All evening, through below described conditions. Très impressive.

7. Important stuff. How does it perform under kissing pressure?

There were some eventual colour transfer from me to him (looked very fetching), but I attribute this to the prevalence of some *very* stubbly stubble. Other than that, it held up admirably - through far too many drinks, a long walk through the rain and several courses of noodle based cuisine, all of which was interspersed with some very enthusiastic snogging. All in all I think it performed very well indeed!

I have to say, I'm super impressed with all the lippies we've been testing. There hasn't been a single bad review so far. Lipstick has always been a bit of a turn off for me, gloss being the preferred option, mainly because I'm scared of smudging, strong colour and general lipstick mankiness. But be afraid no more ladies! Lipsticks have changed! They are the future! Especially, it would seem, Mac!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Great Sneeze Off

The bad news is I've been sidelined with flu god damn it but the good news is that I'm officially running The Great Kiss Off for the rest of the month. Hurrah.
And the other good news is that there are Elemis shows on QVC today so I'm wallowing on the sofa in my Papaya Enzyme Masque with lots of tea and Lemsip.
Hopefully better for Saturday...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off 2009: Prescriptives Colorscope Lipstick

I'm so excited about The Great Kiss Off, everyone seems to be having so much fun. And you know, I'm putting more love in the world. Or at least kissing which I know isn't always entirely related... Meep.
Anyway, today's fearless tester is Miss Catherine Ellis from London Town.

1. What did you test for us Catherine Ellis?
Prescriptives Colorscope Lipcolor in Racecar Red

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
The box looks a bit medical in that nice Prescriptives way. The lipstick is in a shiny silver case which is minimal and classic. And makes you feel a bit like you’re from the future.

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube?
Ooh – it’s a bit scary and red, but be brave!

4. How easy was it to apply?
The lipstick is smooth and creamy and doesn’t dry your lips out at all. The colour is bright though, so you have to concentrate or it can all go a bit Ronald MacDonald.

5. How does it feel on?
Luscious. Moisturised but not too heavy.

6. How long did it last?
It went on for hours during some pretty heavy duty dancing/singing/drinking. In fact, the only thing that really scuppered it was the Sambuca. And that stuff can strip paint.

7. Important stuff. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
If you are a good girl and follow the apply/blot/apply/blot mantra then not too badly. But it is bright red lipstick and I would be lying if I denied the presence of some comedy smearing. But think of that as your badge of kissing honour.

8. And any other exciting kiss off related stories?
I have never worn such a bright red on my lips for fear of making my teeth look all horrid and yellow but this is a really true red and makes your gnashers look pearly white. Buy a lipstick, save a fortune on cosmetic dentistry. The sums just add up.

Well, there you have it, BeautyMecca is officially saving you money.
By encouraging the purchase of lipstick. Who would have thunk it?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off 2009: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick

The Great Kiss Off continues!
Today's tester is Miss Lisa Clark of Portsmouth, author of the really rather fabulous Lola Love books (which you can buy here) and editor of Pink World (which you can find here!). Unsurprisingly, we gave her a beautiful bright pink lippie to test and here are the results.

1. What did you test for us missy?
Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal lipstick 327 Raspberry Pop

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
It's very lux-fabulous with a gold lid that can double as a mirror!

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube
It's a perfect pink with a hint of sparkle - j'adore.

4. How easy was it to apply?
It's super-moisturising and glided on straight from the tube, although, fact fans, when applied with a brush it lasted much longer.

5. How does it feel on?
It smells dee-lish and is really soft with no stickiness - perfect!

6. How long did it last?
It stayed put during cocktail sipping, pizza eating and neck nuzzling and I only needed to reapply pre-kissing, which was inevitable as my lips looked so prettylicious!

7. Important stuff. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Well, there was kissing in the street, in the park, under a street light, in the rain and even on his sofa so when I told him I had to 'powder my nose' when actually I was checking for kiss off results, I was pleasantly surprised that my lips were still pink, not perfectly pink, but still totally kissable!

8. And any other exciting kiss off related stories?
While the lipstick is practically magic in a gold tube when it comes to creating a perfect pink pout, it was unfortunately unable to make the boy-type I was kissing less complicated - Estee Lauder, if you could work on that for next Valentine's Day that would be awesome - thank you!

Hmm, I'm not sure even Estee Lauder can pull the boy-types into line but we'll have a word.
FYI, the lipsticks featured aren't Raspberry Pop but you get the idea right? They look like that, just more Raspberry and Popish...

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off: Smashbox O-Gloss

Hurrah! We have our first non-me review!
Just as well, I was beginning to worry about over-exfoliation from stubble burn.

The really rather wonderful Miss Annette Hobbs of New York City gives us this review of Smashbox's fabulous O-Gloss...

1. Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss with Goji Berry-C Complex (whatever that means…)

2. The packaging is hot pink (my favorite color) and the tube is a pretty standard issue gloss tube—easy to keep in your teeny, tiny clutch, or your tightest jeans pocket.

3. The gloss is completely clear. But, once applied and on your lips for a few minutes, it reacts with your natural chemistry and transforms from clear to your own custom shade of pink! Like MOOD lip gloss…

4. Very easy to apply, it slicks right on and you never need a mirror since it's clear.

5. It feels glossy and does not get sticky, which is usually what turns me off from glosses.

6. The gloss lasts all day long and so does the color (which I should mention is a subtle pink, at least on me, so it goes with pretty much any make up I'm wearing). I reapply once before going out to freshen up the gloss factor.

7. Withstands substantial kissing pressure! Well, at least the color does. If you want that glossy look after a smooch fest, you'll need to reapply. But your custom pink stays on your lips.

My beau bought this for me! How sweet of him. I wanted to test it out on his lips to see what his custom shade of pink was (I thought learning his shade of pink would reveal his "true" colors, and I would learn so much about him…), but he chickened out and wouldn't let me put it on him. Later in the day, I slathered it on my own lips and tricked him into a round of kissy face (like it was really that difficult). Would you believe his lips responded to the Goji Berry-C Complex just the way mine had? We're identical shades of pink! I think it's a match made in lip-gloss heaven!

Sounds fabulous (much like the actual boyfriend - he bought you lip gloss?), I feel a purchase coming on.

There was mucho testing activity over the weekend according to my guinea pigs so prepare to part with your pennies before Saturday!

Friday, 6 February 2009

I Heart Me: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Collection

I'm officially OVER all the ridiculous Valentine's compilations that are advertised on TV at the moment. Honestly, the music industry is falling to pieces and yet record companies have still got time and money to Pimp Steve Wright's Easy and Thoughtless Gift for Your Missus This Valentine's Ballad Collection. It makes me very angry.

What I am not over, is the thought of celebrating Valentine's day myself with oodles of gifts - why wait around for the boys to pull their finger out? Precedent suggests that they will not do well even if they try their hardest... But the postman should probably reinforce his little trolley, just in case.

Anyway, the first thing I'm picking up this year is the THANK THE LORD THEY'VE ARRIVED IN THE UK Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection. I know I've already rattled on about how awesome these are after picking them up in New York last year but now you can find out for yourself. The beauty snob is me is sort of gutted that everyone will be wearing them soon but the poor person that can't afford to jet off to NYC every time she needs new perfume is quite quite happy.
I cannot live without these perfumes. Fact (fact fans).

Here's the info on all five scents:

A delicate floral fragrance. Sparkling, yummy and juicy. With top notes of sparkling pear and clementine. Mid notes of sweetpea, jasmine sambac and honeysuckle. With base notes of sleek wood, vanilla and skin musk

A sensuous floral smell. Tender, romantic and sensual. With top notes of pink pomelo, sparkling bergamot and bamboo leaf mist. Mid notes of rose, watery pe
ony and Egyptian jasmine. With base notes of creamy vanilla orchid, sensual musk and blonde wood.

L'il Angel
A fruity floral fragrance. Colorful, tasty and sweet. With top notes of pineapple, raspberry, cranberry and blackberry. With mid notes of candied violet, pear blossom and sugar rose. With base notes of lollipop accord, hinoki wood and crystal amber.

A delicate floral smell. Sparkling, yummy and juicy. With top notes of sparkling pea and clementine. Mid notes of sweetpea, jasmine sambac and honeysuckle. With base notes of sleek woods, vanilla and skin musk

A powdery musk. Fresh, clean and soft. With top notes of white rose, bergamot and freesia. Mid notes of orange flower, tiare flower and jasmine petals. With base notes of white musk, soft woods, vanilla and violet

The entire collection is absolutely delectable, honestly, from the kick ass cute packaging to the insanely edible scents. You can so tell Gwen Stefani had her fashionable paws in this project. My personal preference is for G and Music but I cannot whittle it down further than that - I'd like to but I can't. What I can say is that I've never, ever had more compliments on perfumes than I have on these two, which is why I'll be stocking up at Superdrug ASAP.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Morning After the Night Before: Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Masque

I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere or someone once telling me that February was the best month for your skin because of the damp climate. Pish.
Well, whether that's still true after a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night out on the town, I'm not sure. What I AM sure of is that after a triple-threat of dancing/drinking/lipstick testing, the most amazing thing happened on Sunday.
I didn't look like living poop. I felt like it but I did not look like it...

As far as I know, this was nothing to do with the miracle of snow but everything to do with the judicious application of Dermalogica's Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque the morning after the night before. Great for a hangover as long as you don't have to ask for it in the shop...

Basically, it's a super concentrated cocktail of goodness that calms your skin, rehydrates and packs it full of yummy good things like vitamins A and C. You know, like in the orange juice you're drinking to try and quell the hangover. It's a hangover cure FOR YOUR FACE. And it makes you look like you've been tangoed when it's on. Funny.

February is looking like a slightly crazy night's out-wise. I feel as though this masque and I may become very, very close friends.
Score yours here

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off 2009: Mac Creamsheen in Lickable

Well, start as I mean to go on...
I figured I'd throw myself in at the deep end and go for it. Bear in mind I'm REALLY not a fuchsia pink girl and so this bad boy was quite a departure for me. And I can confirm that it was fun.

So, here's the official review:
1. The packaging. It's Mac. There is no bad here.
2. The colour. It terrified me. Solid. Clean. Fuchsia. Pink. But it's beautiful.
3. Application. I used a lip brush since it's such a bold colour and literally applied coat after coat (for about four American Idol auditions) to get a real immovable stain. Which worked a treat. Even when I had a crisis of confidence at the train station and tried to rub it off. It went NOWHERE.
4. How does it feel? It felt very, very lovely. Creamy but not greasy.
5. Longevity. Had to properly properly take it off with the old Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Yay.
6. Kissing test. I can confirm that it performed well under kissing pressure albeit nothing overly dirty or up against a wall. Ahem. But it really didn't budge which is a bloody good thing because you can't go round tempting boys in with sexy pink lips and then leaving it all over their face. Well, you can but you might not get another go on them and that's pointless, isn't it?

Overall, if you're brave enough to do it, I say go for it. It's SO not for shy girls and it might scare off the kind of boys that don't like sequinned hot pants or Girls Aloud but really, if it does, it's doing you a kindness...
I'm going to go crazy and start high - 9/10

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

let it snow!

I'm still snowed in goddamn it. And I nearly died walking down to Superdrug but I'll be buggered if i'm going with my Collosal Volum Mascara just because of the deepest snow in 18 years.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The Great Kiss Off 2009

Hey hey!
Are you snowed in? We have been languishing in BeautyMecca towers, alphabetising lipglosses (almost) all day... Fun!

But luckily, the snow did not interfere with my crazy weekend, the highlight of which was of course the beginning of The Great Kiss Off 2009 (check us out on Facebook!). Since I'm blogging from a BlackBerry, I can't post pics so I'm not going to give you a full review today, just lay down the ground rules.

My team of testers will be trying out lipsticks, balms and glosses between now and Valentine's day, rating everything from the packaging, the colour in the tube and on the lip, the texture, longevity and most importantly, kissability.

As an 'eyes' girl, this is a big thing for me. Seriously, it's not easy going out on a Saturday night in east London and kissing boys in solid fuschia lipstick when you've spent every Saturday prior in neutral gloss not kissing many boys at all. I didn't say it wasn't fun though.
The things I do for you...

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