Friday, 21 December 2007

Beauty-Full Christmas: Gifts I'm a-Giving

Now, Christmas is just around the corner so I'm sort of hoping most of you have got your gifting sorted. If not (bad people) here are some of the gorgeous gifts I'll be handing out this Christmas time... I won't tell you off for copying.

Jo Malone

I'm doing double duty on Jo Malone this year - we've got Pine&Eucalyptus Living cologne for one lucky hostess and the gorgeous Pomegranate Noir cologne for a friend. Jo Malone is literally THE go to gift if you're uncertain what to get. It reeks of class and refinement and a beautifully scented home (or person...) is always lovely at this time of year. If in doubt, go for a candle - Orange Blossom is pleasingly citrusy for Chrimblemas.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight
This has been one of my favourite scents this year and I'm spreading that love to a family member who should think herself very lucky. It's so pretty and sweet and soft but dries down to something so wearable, I think it's a great fragrance gift option. I find it really hard to give perfume if you don't know what the giftee usually wears - it's SUCH a personal thing - but this is so lovely, I think you'd be safe.

Urban Decay Glide On 24-7 Pencils
I'm officially going to stop talking about these now.
Love them.
They're going to my make up crazy, colour loving friend who I know will wear them well.
Hopefully, they're going to me too... If not, Mr BeautyLover is in the shit.

Ren Body Gift Set
This is for a friend who travels an awful lot and always ends up with crappy skin from crappy hotel toiletries. Packed full Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash, Damask Rose Ramnose Biosaccharide Body Cream, Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash, Grapeseed Jojoba and Shea Butter Body Cream, there's no need for her to ever be less than peachy clean ever again.

Bliss Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energizing Mask

This puppy is for one of my friends that is constantly overworked, constantly overtired and constantly in need of a good sit down. The super fast acting skin pick me up will be perfect for her. And me when I go to stay... ahem.

Now go forth and gift!

BeautyMecca will be taking a wee break over Christmas but I will of course update you on any beauty goodies I might receive, what sales are on where (Always keep an eye on the Boots website...) and I'll certainly post something pre-New Years. Can't have you going out there unprepared, can I?

Have a fab Christmas beauty lovers!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Silver Bells...

Since I'm manktastic with flu, I'm leaning very much towards quick fixes to put me in the party spirit at the moment. One of my favourite ways to sparkle and shine, is to whack on a slick of lovely silver eyeshadow and let my peepers do the talking.

Mainly because I can't, due to my hacking cough.

Anyhoo, here are my current faves:

You really just want a light, iridescent sweep that's going to brighten your eyes and make them twinkle - nothing too dramatic.

I heart...
Estee Lauder: Silver Ball - really lovely texture and a nice light coverage which can be built up if you feel so inclined. Plus, comes with a mirror and applicator in the packaging. Score.

Paul&Joe Beaute: Shade 19 - GORGEOUS packaging and another fab mirror in the case. This is packed with sparkle and a hint darker than the Lauder shadow if you want a touch more definition. This isn't the right shade, FYI, but it's suuuuuuuuch pretty pacakging, I could weep.

Nars: Heart of Glass - bonus points for the Blondie reference. I adore Nars shadows for their incredibly high pigmentation and cracking staying power but this puppy is a real winner for daytime. I rocked it for a lunchtime do and won scores of compliments. It's a really bright, light silvery colour with tonnes of sparkle. More points for more mirrors in compacts and more importantly, a sexy rubberised finish. Brrriaooow!

Desk to Dance Floor
Now you want to ramp up the raunch and take a subtle eye to something a touch more party-centric.

I like...

YSL Ombre Duolumiere: Shade 5 - Sweep the lighter silvery lavender all over your lid for a daytime look, then, using one of the TWO applicators in the compact (mirrored again - I'm spoiled) sharpen up for the evening with the smokey grey along your lashline and crease.

BeneFit Creaseless Cream: Skinny Jeans - This is a GORGEOUS colour and looks great swept on lightly with your ring finger for day, and built up with a synthetic brush for the evening.

It's time to make an impact, so let's get serious...

I am loving:

Aura Paradise Eyes: Texas Cowboy - a gorgeous smoky charcoal to really vamp up. The squat screw lid can be a little fiddly but the colour and consistency of the shadow is totally worth it.

Bella Pierre Mineral Shimmer Powder: These powders are a dream. A slightly pricier version of Barry M's Dazzle Dusts, these shadows are perfectly blendable, stay put once they're on and, as minerals, they're totally kind to skin. I like a blend a dark grey with one of the lighter, sparklier ones and really go for it. BEE-YOO-TI-FULL.

Barry M Dazzle Dust: And of course, I got NO problem with the classics. Dazzle dusts are easy to get hold of and cheap enough to play around with. And they be chock full of silvery options - go for grey or charcoal if in doubt.

Now go forth and sparkle like the fairy on the top of the tree...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

On the bleeurgh, bah humbug

Sorry, I am usually completely and utterly suffused with Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately, I am sick and therefore grumpy.
And blotchy.

Plus, due to 'work commitments' (suckiness x100) I had to miss the launch party for DKNY's hot new Delicious Night fragrance last week... I don't know if you heard about THE BEST PARTY EVER but harumph, Mark Ronson DJ'd, all manner of hot celebs were there (including Jessica Stam, super purdy model and face of Delicious Night) and it was at the super swank Serpentine Gallery, one of my fave venues ever.

I like the other DKNY Delicious fragrances, they're fresh and appley and the packaging is pretty, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this move away to a more sexy scent but it's nice. Sexy without being musky, obviously evening without being too heavy. Yum.

And it's pretty. Unlike me and my ONGOING GODDAMN FLU!
Mew. I can't watch Bring it On again, I can't!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


I have flu.
There is nothing beautiful about it.

Friday, 14 December 2007

On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas... Let's here it for the boy!

Following my present greediness last week, I'm coming back with a peace offering to Mr BeautyLover... Here are some top tips for the boys.

Mr BeautyLover, Mr Hot James and the very discerning Brother BeautyLover are all massive fans of Anthony Logistics.

The Call to Action kit (£50.00) contains everything he needs to get into a great beauty regime without really trying. Brother BeautyLover's favourite, the Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Face Scrub,
Sea Salt Body Scrub, After Shave Balm, Pre Shave Oil and Mr BeautyLover's top pick, Shave Cream. I'd also pick up the Continuous Moisture eye cream because I've totally seen a difference in Mr BeautyLover's bags since he started with this puppy. And he even does it every day.

Before now, I'd always had to play beauty mule when over in the US but now you can get the products from Space NK and! Some slightly lower priced and (according to Brother BeautyLover less effective but perfect for your teen brother) Anthony Sport products are also in Boots this Christmas if you can't get to Space NK and don't want to shop online.

For the more environmentally conscious chap, you could try Organic Blue. This fab range has recently put out some lovely men's products that you won't mind 'borrowing' or sharing shower space. I love the hair and bodywash, which has a lovely, clean lemongrass scent.
Probably from all the organic lemongrass oil in there...
It's also got anti-bacterial Neem in case he's a bit, you know, mucky.
And at £3.99, you can afford to stock up. In fact, get the bath soak, body lotion(hello!) and shower scrub and make a lovely package.
In case he hasn't got one already.

According to Jack off Lost (Or Charlie off Party of Five if you're Old Skool), 'He's worth it too' so you might want to give L'Oreal Men Expert a try. Apparently, tinting your moisturiser blue is the way to a man's heart. And putting the whole range on 3-4-2 so I don't have to spend so much on it, is the way to mine. Cheers Boots. Mr BeautyMecca has dabbled in the Max Skin Moisturiser. I have allowed it.
I have no particular problem, patronising advertising aside.

So there you have it! He has moisturiser, you've got something to borrow if you run out and everyone's happy.

Next week, I'll be suggesting some last minute pressies in case he's 'forgotten' and extravagant pressies in case he's did something silly at the office Christmas party with that tart from ad sales and you are in with the chance of a big haul.

Hurrah for Christmas!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

On the sixth day I blogged about Christmas... Christmas Party Make Up

I should tell you now that I'm completely knackered from my own Christmas party last night and not at my best. However, my make up ROCKED. And more importantly lasted until I rolled in at 4.00 (get me!).

Start as you mean to go on
If you're not going to use a proper base, there's literally no point in reading on.
I am a primer fanatic and have become literally crack-stylee addicted to BeneFit That Gal. It evens out your skin, it's cooling, it smells of bubblegum and most importantly, it helps your foundation glide on and stay put. Love it.
While you're at the BeneFit counter, grab a pot of F.Y.Eye. This eyeshadow primer is the one thing I've found that will keep any eye colour glued to your lids until you remove it.

Once your primer has had a minute or two to sink in, go for a long lasting or illuminating foundation, blemish cover up and under-eye concealer. I like to apply my base with a sponge if it's going to be a long night, it just seems to adhere better.

Colour me bad
Since it's Christmas, you can go a little bit crazy. Whether that's a bit of sparkle, more colour than you would usually wear or a big statement look, it's entirely up to you.
As you know, I'm obsessed with smokey eyes, so my favoured party look is glittery grey eyes with neutral shiny lips.

Last night, I went for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil in gunmetal as a base, BeneFit Skinny Jeans creme eyeshadow to give the sparkle something to stick to, and then Barry M Dazzle Dust in grey all over (a light silver) and charcoal (a sparkling dark grey) for definition at the crease and as a liner. I also cracked out the 17 Metallic Silver pencil to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

Finishing off with a couple of coats of Prescriptives False Lash Mascara and a slick of 17's Antique Lace lippy, I was good to go with minimal top ups. Purdy.
Remember, if it's a big drinks party, statement eyes will always be better than lips that will need topping up constantly.

If you're just going to dance your pants off, I DEMAND you try red lipstick this season. MAC do amazing reds, I like Lady Danger and Ruby Woo but if you just want to dip your toe in the look, try 17, Showcase and Showbiz - Showcase is a little matter and more intense, Showbiz has a touch of iridescent sparkle. My only proviso is that you must use a lip pencil.
It's the law. Try Revlon Colourstay in Red for a classic true red.

To really play up red lips, leave the rest of your face neutral - a sweep of black liner close to the lashes and some black mascara, along with a touch of a natural pinky blush, are all you need.

If you're playing it safe with a Little Black Dress, you might want to go colour crazy with the eyes. For a quick fix, go for a line of Urban Decay's 24-7 Glide on Pencils again. The travel set I'm praying to receive this Christmas includes gorgeous copper, green, aquamarine, purple and classic black pencils - perfect to see you through the whole party season. In fact, screw Christmas, why not treat yourself to a stocking filler now!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

On the fifth day I blooged about Christmas... Hangover Heaven

We all know the best way to avoid a hangover and the beauty disaster it entails is not to drink, right? Well, I know you're not going to listen to me (and I'm not going to listen to me either) so here are my quick fixes to avoid turning up to work looking like the Grinch.

  • Drink as much water as you can without vomming as soon as you get home
  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse and that includes eyes. Prescriptives Better Off eye make up remover is a miracle worker but if you can't quite manage to pour liquid on to cotton wool, try Johnson&Johnson eye make up remover pads
  • Try and apply a hydrating product like Beauty Flash Balm before you go to bed. Creme de la Mer also soothes and hydrates parched skin
  • The morning after... I love Bliss Lemon+Sage body scrub and lotion to wake me up and apologise to my body. After all, it's probably been retching itself silly/doing the worm/hitting the deck at some point in the last twelve hours
  • Wash your face with something gentle and soothing - no inflammation here people. Try Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil
  • Next apply either a hydrating mask like Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilder or Bliss Triple Oxygen mask - as long as the bubble don't make you puke
  • After the mask, it's fake it time. More beauty flash balm applied over Prescriptives Vibran-C eye cream and Dermalogica Intensive Hydrating serum
  • Skip foundation, it'll make you look tired. Try Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser
  • Blusher - you want to look healthy, not pissed. Again, Stila's convertible colour in Gerbera is perfect-o
  • Mascara - waterproof is a must in case you fall asleep at your desk
  • Highlighters - fake a healthy glow with Benefit Georgia or Dandelion!
  • Lipstick - Just your favourite/least like to make you vom balm

And you're good to go!

Monday, 10 December 2007

On the fourth day I blogged about Christmas... Pre-Party Prep

I don't know about you, but I've got a ker-azy Christmas week coming up.
Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la and really hungover.

My Christmas party season starts on Wednesday and I'm going right through to the weekend without a break, so there is a need to be, just like those cute little boys with shorts and woggles, PREPARED.

This weekend, I apologised in advance to my skin - it is going to suffer. To pre-empt some of the pain, I used my DDF Sulfur Therpeautic mask to draw out any nasties, then on my dry areas, I smoothed on a delicious smelling layer of Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Deep Hydrating mask (which I will also be pulling out, the morning after the night before). Skin feeling thoroughly spoiled, I hopped in a Floracologie Lavendar bath and read a very important ninteenth century novel about really deep and meaningful things. Not the second book in the Pretty Little Liars teen series... Not at all.

Just before bed, I lavished my hair with Lee Stafford Sleepover Treatment (delish) and then went back to work on my skin. Prescriptives Anti-Blemish serum (just where it's needed) to try and keep spots at bay, Idealist Skin and Eye refinisher to exfoliate without scrubbing and then a whole face full of Hope in a Jar with just a teeny dab of Daphin Stimul-Skin on the eyes.

For my body, I more or less basted myself in Lemon+Sage body butter. Yum.
Aww, I'm purdy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to give you the lowdown on how to recover, Wednesday will be top tips on how to get your party on if you've only got ten minutes in the loo to do your do and Thursday, if you've only got 30 secs in the back of a cab. To do your face.

Aren't I good to you?

Friday, 7 December 2007

Beauty-Full Christmas: Mr BeautyLover, if you're listening...

I've been very gracious so far, running lots of Christmas gift guides for everyone and their mother and not thinking a jot about little old me. Well, I'm totally over that.
Bring on my presents.

Here's what I'm hoping to find in my stocking...

Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Pencils
I've fallen in love with these puppies since trying the Gunmetal shade for my beloved smokey eye. They go on like silk and after a couple of seconds, they Do. No. Move. I can't wait to try out all the colours - LOVING the green. And it's super easy to get hold of - Boots and are both stocking, so there are no excuses.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Skincare Set
Containing my new fave moisturiser, Hope in a Jar (it's a classic for a reason peeps), I really am desperate to get my mitts on more Philosophy goodness - this contains the famous Purity face wash, microdelivery exfoliating face wash, high density eye and lip cream and lots more . Grab one at

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring
I love this fresh fragrance and aahhh, so pretty! Please Santa...

Hmm, there's lots more.
I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

On the third day of Christmas... My mother came to stay!

Sigh, tis true.

Mummy BeautyLover is coming to stay (along with Daddy BeautyLover but he's less Beauty inclined) and I had to have a bathroom audit before she arrived.

I'm guessing we ALL crack out the best products when we've got guests right?
No? Well, I have a problem then. Beacuse I'm speccy, I have a handy dandy glass shelf above the sink where I stash my contact lens stuff, glasses and usually a face wash or my spray wax.

Until Mummy Dearest booked her appointment. Today, said shelf is holding Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil, Bliss Triple Oxygen Face Mask, Lee Stafford Sleepover Treatment and Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Scrub. The shelf in the shower is full of Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, Clean on Me Soap&Glory shower creme and the boy's man products and by the sink? Space NK hand wash and lotion.

EVERYTHING else is hidden in the massive mirror fronted cabinet between the sink and tub... And having been forced to go through it last night to hide anything manky, I do mean EVERYTHING. Body scrubs, face peels, foot scrubs, tubs and tubs and tubs of body butter, cotton wool, eye make up remover, cleansers, toners, teeth whitening strips - it's actually a bit of a shocker.
Man alive I have a lot of crap.

What I really want to know is, what do you put put for guests?

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

On the second day of Christmas... Shine like a star!

In honour of last night's trip to see CSS (they dressed up like Christmas presents!), I'm devoting today to giltter.

'Tis the season after all and glitter is a really great quick fix Christmas party product.

My favourite glitter product is Urban Decay's Heavy Metals.
You have the choice of the eyeliner or the gel - for me, I would go for the gel. You've already committed to wearing glitter, this is not the time to be subtle. A great and dramatic look requires very little effort when wearing these babies.

Layer on a pigment heavy shadow, an Urban Decay shadow is generally perfect as they are super heavy on pigment or for real staying power, create a coloured base with an Urban 24-7 Glide On pencil (these are my new obsession, be prepared to hear a lot about them) and them dab the glitter gel on top in a block over your eyelid. Allow to dry and then repeat with another layer of gel until you have a really dense glitter effect.

For a dramatic gunmetal grey/silver eye, try 24/7 pencil in Gunmetal combined with Backstage Heavy Metal Glitter Gel. For on trend purple, try Flash shadow with Rockstar glitter. I love green eye make up on pretty much everyone - go for Roadie glitter over Mildew or Vert shadow.

WARNING! Glitter should never, ever be
a) applied to your cheeks
b) multicoloured
c) SPRAYED onto any part of your body.

I'm talking dense, sparkling, uber glitter packed onto your eyelids for an entirely grown up, theatrical effect. This is not one for the over 40s or under 21s. Leave the Claire's Hen Night spray glitter to them...

Monday, 3 December 2007

On the First Day of Christmas...

Well, okay, it's the 3rd of December and not even really the first day of Christmas yet but hell, I need a posting gimmick okay?

If you are a regular BeautyMecca reader you will know certain things about me, including:
1. I am ridiculously pale and mouth off about said fact often
2. I am lazy
3. I heart Christmas in a big way
4. Smokey eyes are my favourite make up look in the whole widest world

With these three things in mind, you will understand that I will be mostly rocking a metallic smokey eye for the Christmas season. However, it will be a smokey eye with created for maximum impact with minimum effort as it's generally a desk to dance floor affair.

Tonight, I'm off to see CSS in gangland Brixton and will be trialling 17's metallic Silver pencil. I tested it whilst watching Elf last night but sitting around, cooking a roast chicken and chortling at Will Ferrell didn't really test it.

Putting up my tree whilst fending off an excited cat sort of did but I'll report back in full tomorrow...

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