Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Trick or Treat: You decide!

Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd offer up some honest to goodness witchcraft for you to marvel at. I swear, Harry Potter totally has share in Prescriptives

I've waxed lyrical about the Magic Liquid Powder before, (cools on contact with skin, diffuses the light to make you look like a goddess, was created by Glinda the Good Witch) but today, I'm sampling their Illuminating Liquid Potion (very Halloween!) and Invisible Line Smoother - surely someone sold their soul for that one.

The Illuminating Liquid is a gorgeous holographic fluid that evens out skintone, diffuses light to mask imperfections and gives skin a truly radiant look. I LOVE to wear it under foundation as a primer and then I top up cheekbones and browbones, using it as a highlighter. Usually, I've relied on the green Smashbox Photo Finish primer to take the red out of my skin but this works wonders.

On top of make up, it gives a similar effect to High Beam but is more neutral as the fluid has a more white base, and under makeup, it makes skin look airbrushed to perfection. Gorgeous. You could even go foundation free if you've got clear skin.

Plus, the bottle is HUGE so it will last forever.

The Invisible Line Smoother is exactly that. It's basically Polyfiller for your face - can you think of anything more exciting? You smooth the gel directly onto your wrinkles and then tap it into the skin - say the magic words ('izzy wizzy, let's get bizzy' around here) and your wrinkles have vanished!

The results are only temporary (the gel washes off when you take off your slap) but hey, what do you want for £27.00? It's a fantastic fix for a party face.
And you don't want to scare the kids when you go trick or treating, do you?

Oh, and did I mention they all come in pretty shiny silver boxes?
I didn't?
Well, they do.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Treat: Hot Legs

I'm not in the habit of naming posts after Rod Stewart songs butI am in the habit of getting my legs out at any opportunity (and some might argue this isn't so much a habit as an offensive tragedy) .

I've always been a leg girl, boobs fluctuate with, well, the weather at the moment and having been on the curvy side in the past (well, and now if you're comparing me to an Olsen twin) it's always been about whipping the legs out.

Of course, my legs have a lovely bone white glow to them which can be a bit of a nightmare. I don't know of you've ever sidled up to a fella in a club, given him your sexiest shimmy and a come hither smile, only for him to glance down at your legs and then back away v-e-r-y slowly, lest you be a vampire.
It can be a problem.

One way around the incandescent paleness is to Michael Kors Leg Shine liberally to shins.
And knees.
And maybe thighs.
Hell, whack it on everywhere.

It gives legs a lovely shimmer, a touch of colour and you get a waft of Michael Kors fragrance when you're dancing! What's not to love? Plus it's really easy to apply and comes in a sold stick so you don't have to mess about with runny creams and difficult sprays.

If you're super pale like me, stick to Classic or Shimmer. If you're looking for a touch of colour, go crazy with the Bronze. It's wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.

And it's certainly better than having a hot boy think you're a bloodsucking fiend.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Trick: How to fool the sun into shining!

Okay, so I can't quite tell the sun what to do (yet - just wait...) but I have finally found a powder bronzer that doesn't make me look like I wiped Bisto over my face.

As has been well documented on this site, I am The Palest Lady That Ever Lived (tm and copyright) and cannot wear bronzers. Well, I found one that actually makes me look like I went outside over the weekend - in daylight!

i-bronze by New ID Cosmetics is a thing of wonder. See...

Ahh, pretty.

They say: i - bronze Compact Powder Bronzer with Mirror is a unique marbleised baked power that gives your skin a beautiful sun-kissed glow. With rich blended pigments of peach, pink, bronze and gold, i - bronze suits most skin tones. i - bronze is created by using a unique baking process which cuts down on binding agents, allowing the powder to glide beautifully over your skin for a perfect all-over glow.

I say: The swirly wirly prettiness isn't just for effect. It means you can either swirl your brush over the whole cake and get an even bronze finish or you can select specific shades and use as highlighters! The soft pink is perfect for running along the tops of your cheekbones.
Plus, it's been in my bag for a week and hasn't broken yet. REEEEE-sult.

You can find more pretty things from New ID at and some Debenhams stores. I like the Shimmy Shimmy eyeshadow too. Because it's called Shimmy Shimmy mostly.


Friday, 26 October 2007

Beauty-Full Christmas: Hands off my stuff, sis!

For some reason, this didn't appear when I posted it on Friday.
How rude...

Ahh, the little sister.
Having always been one and never having had one, it's a bit of a mystery to me but I understand there are all sorts of nightmares involving thieved lipsticks, spilled perfumes and mashed up eye crayons. It could be even worse, she could be out there wearing Collection 2000 IN FRONT OF BOYS!

Please prevent any further child abuse by purchasing your little sister/cousin/niece/ or even little sister-in-law (thereby securing her love for you, forever) these wonderful, wonderful gifts...

One of the most important lessons you can teach a young girl is that stripping your skin of all it's natural oils and leaving it looking like corned beef is not the healthiest way to treat spots.
Please bin the Clearasil (remember the blue liquid in the glass jar? I'm sure that was watered down bleach...) and buy her these gorgeous Face Boutique products from Space NK.

The pretty Peachy Clean facial wash cleanses skin without stripping it and the Fresh Faced moisturiser is oil free, so it'st for young skin. If you're feeling especially generous, girls will LOVE the Moi Moi lipbalm too.

If you're ready to face the wrath of Mother, get her started on the slap. And where does a teen start with make-up? Boots 17, of course!

They always have some fab (read 'Cheap') Christmas gift sets. I recommend one of the lipcolour sets if you're playing it safe, something with eye colour if you want everyone to feel awkward around the Christmas dinner table when she waltzes down looking like she's gone ten rounds with Ricky Hatton and a nail polish kit if you never want to be invited back to the house again.

Should young miss have been stealing 17 Bonbon lipsticks since she was 12 (not that BeautyLover EVER did anything like that), it might be time to bring her up to the big leagues.

Boots have some super cool Urban Decay kits out this year and any rebellious teenager out of her right mind would LOVE the Deluxe Shadow set or Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners. Just the thing to get you sent out of Geography.

If she, you know, smells a bit ripe (sometimes they don't know!) you could always treat her to the Soap&Glory Big Soak kit. It's only £25 and comes in a big, wonderful box of joy (teenagers freaking LOVE boxes) plus it's chock full of bath soak, body scrub, body butter, soap (for the stinkies) and an eye mask and bath pillow. Perfect for those 'I vant to be alone' teenage bathroom tantrums.

Just remember you are supposed to hand these gifts over, so you know, don't get her anything too nice...
Maybe just a Superdrug token then.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Treat: Read Your Aura

As you might have noticed, I love make up.
I especially love it when a new range comes out that is interesting, fun and actually works.

Behold, Aura cosmetics...

They say: Add fun and colour back into your make-up bag with Aura Cosmetics, a UK designed boutique brand available online at The boutique make-up range encompasses a gorgeous collection of Paradise Eye Powders, Fruity Blushers, Twisted Mascara's, Beam Supreme Face Tints, Ammunition Lip Glosses and a Bronzed Powder. Aura's eye-popping colours and individually themed packaging takes an edgy and fun approach to make-up for the modern woman. Look absolutely Aura for a finish that is feminine and fabulous.

I say: From the packaging, you might think they're a bit of a cross between Benefit and Urban Decay and do you know what? You'd be about right. I have already added their Ammunition lipgloss in Hanky Panky which is a gorgeous deep pink and TASTES amazing. It even lasts pretty well which is impressive since I eat about three Stila lipglazes a week. I'm not sure how many WeightWatchers points they are but they're a lot.

The range is fun, with pop art inspired packaging - Think Marilyn Monroe crossed Debbie Harry - my dream come true - and I'm in the throws of a deeply passionate relationship with the Bronzed bronzer. Not because I like bronzer, I'm far too pale, but because it comes in an a super kitsch nautical themed matchbox. Bwah ha ha ha.

You can buy online here but be warned, it ain't cheap but it is good. Maybe a good one to forward on to the boyfriend for Christmas?

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A Trick and a Treat!

Monsieur, with these posts you're really spoiling us...

I know, I know but hey, I'm a giver.

Today I've got tips from Clinique's top make-up artist, Lorna AND a special treat from Bliss Spa London. And before you non-Londoners get all pernickity (hey, I'm a non-Londoner! Ish...) it's online-tastic.

Ever aware that we ladies are always making eyes at someone, Clinique have sent over their top tips for mascara application. So there are NO excuses for spider legs on the tube. You know if I'm talking to you.

1. Always remove any oil-based products before applying mascara.
BM: This might sound like common sense but how many of you get moisturiser or eye cream on your lashes before your mazzy? I know I do and I know that's why it smudges.

2. Use the tip of the mascara wand to apply mascara to the lower lashes so the lashes lie flat.
BM: I like to wipe the gunk off the end with a tissue first. Not that my mascaras are gunky and I always throw them away after three months. Ahem.

3. Push the centre lashes on the top lid up, to create a beautiful curve and to enhance the almond shape of the eye
BM: Ahh, pretty!

4. Pull lashes out at each corner of the eye to make the lashes appear longer.
BM: Hmmm, sensible.

5. Apply two coats of mascara not allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second to prevent any clogging.
BM: No one likes clogging.

See how I had nothing to add to the last three points but still managed to get my two penneth in? That's because I'm an attention seeker...

My fave mascaras are currently Clinique's High Definition for full lush lashes and Prescriptives False Lash (one coat for every day drama, two for night out wonderment).

And if you need a mascara that Just Does Not Budge, the new Prescriptives Here to Stay Longwear mascara is amazing. It's honestly not going anywhere and you can totally layer it over your False Lash Mascara for a speedy refresher if you're heading out to party straight from your desk.

Now, as if that wasn't enough for you, get your clicking fingers ready and head over to for their AMAZING 80% off sale! There are so many super sets and primping products to be had for mere pennies, I can hardly recommend the best bets.

But if I had to, I'd go for:

Tenderfoot Sole Softening Set: Softening Socks and Sock Salve for just £18!!! I've wanted the socks forever and this set makes them a complete bargain! Great Christmas gift set for your ma too.

Sleeping Peel Four Star Starter Set: I LOVE the Sleeping Peel serum and mask so this would be high on my wish list. Just £30!!!!

See Spots Run: A fab salicylic acne gel that really dries spots out. Plus it's clear so you can top up during the day without ruining your make up. Was a princely £24, now just a miserly £7. Do you want a big stress zit to ruin your Christmas look? Do You????

I really would happily take anything off this page but these are my top picks. I'd also be inclined to the Glamour Gloves, anything Lemon+Sage scented and The Best of Bliss for a Christmas present. See if you can't make a friend an addict for 2008.
BTW, if you were buying them a gift set of crack, that last statement would be a problem, getting them addicted to Bliss beauty products is okay.

Click here for joy:

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Trick: Fabulous Hair While You Sleep!

As I'm sure you have all already realised, I heart Jonny at Lee Stafford in Soho more than, well, most of my immediate family and I can't function in a morning until I've choked myself on Lee Stafford spray wax (note to self, remember to make sure the cat isn't in the bathroom before you spray. She doesn't need waxing) so how happy was I when I received their new Sleepover Hair Repair treatment?

Anyone that knows me will tell you what a lazy mare I am. It's really a wonder that BeautyMecca gets published at all, let alone almost daily (really? I have to push buttons on a keyboard again?). So when one of my favourite hair gods comes up with one of my new favourite products and it works IN MY SLEEP, I'm a very happy bunny.

The stuff of dreams....

Seriously, post-LA, my hair took on the terribly attractive texture of sunbleached hay - even Mr Ed would have turned his nose up at it - so I've been basting it nightly with this wonderous formula for the last couple of weeks. You literally slather a couple of pumps of product all over your dry hair, comb through with your fingers and then put your head down for sweet dreams about Peter from Heroes.
Sorry, that's just me.

Lo and behold, by morning, your hair soft, shiny and pliable again. The yummy smelling cream formula is full of terribly clever things that actually seek out the damaged parts of your hair and magically massage and kiss it better until morning. Then, you wash it out, shampoo and condition as usual and bask in the glow of commuter hair envy.

And the best bit is, you did it all while you were sleeping.
Oh, and did I mention it's only £6. FREAKING 99 from your friendly neighbourhood Boots?

Screw you Frederik Fekkai. Screw you and the horse you rode in on.
Does he have a horse? I bet he has a horse...

Monday, 22 October 2007

Treat: Meet a Peat Treat!

Couldn't resist the alliteration, sorry.

Today's treat is a fantabulous face mask from Balaton Spa. You might have seen it already on Trinny and Susannah or How to Look Good Naked but let's be honest, you can't trust TV like you can trust your very own BeautyLover, can you???

You'll be happy to know I loved this product and Trinny, Susannah and Gok were all telling you the truth. It's packed full of nutrient and botanical rich moorland peat and moor water so no evil Sarah Beeney-banned pthalates... If you can get past the fact that it looks, feels and smells like you're smearing mud all over your face (which you are actually) and your boyfriend won't scream with fright when you emerge from the bathroom with the incredibly politically incorrect, Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl, 'black face', then really give this a go.

They say: This unique Mask is 100% natural. It deep cleanses, purifies and refines dull and tired looking skin, even after the very first application. It leaves you feeling fresh and radiant- Like a mini face lift, and suitable for all skin types/sensitive.
1. Helps to prevent premature ageing.
2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles.
3. Luxurious Skin Moisturiser.
4. Deeply Hydrates Stressed Skin restoring skin softness.
5. Skin Reviver, Protector and Nourisher.

I say: My skin glowed for days and the gentle exfoliating effect didn't leave me with any of my usual redness. Happiness. And putting it on it funny but don't use your best towels to get it off.

Grab a pot o'peat from for a mere £19.95

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Trick: Faux Flush

Despite what you might be told by people a)younger than you b)with less stressful jobs than you or c)with a vested interest in filling their cocktail bars on a weeknight, Wednesdays are not the new Fridays.

In case you choose not to heed this advice, below are my favourite blushers to create a healthy glow the morning after.
As opposed to a pissed up flush the evening of.

The main thing to look for is a natural transparency so a stain or a gel is your best bet. Powder blushers will look too heavy on tired skin (if you can get away with it, skip foundation and powder and try tinted moistiriser and Dr Feelgood for the same reasons).

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks is perfect. It's very subtle and natural, even though it looks like one of those tubes of fake blood you got with plastic vampire teeth as a kid. The fact it comes in a very portable little tube for lunchtime touch ups also helps its case.

Another star is of course Benetint but this less portable. Tends to last longer though.

If you don't trust yourself with a stain (pisshead) try a cream blush. Vincent Longo's is fantastic, it feels like a memory foam mattress, but can be tricky to get hold of. Worth a try though, absolutely beautiful finish that looks like genuine health. We all know it's not though...

And just don't forget to clean your teeth and pack nurofen.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Sarah Beeney: How Toxic Are You?

Now, I've been sitting on this post since last week when, as a self-professed beauty addict, I dutifully say down to watch Sarah Beeney's Beauty Addict: How Toxic Are You?

Instead of a fascinating insight into what toxins and chemicals are hiding in my favourite products, I saw what I can only imagine would be the flagship programme of Daily Mail TV.

'This baby body wash contains a chemical also found in a flea killing pesticide' Sarah frowns at the camera, shaking her head slowly and silently mouths 'How can you put this on your child, you terrible, abhorrent mother. I'm sending social services round immediately.'

What Sarah neglected to mention - throughout the programme - was what exactly that chemical was or what it did in the body wash or pesticide. Can't wait for her follow up 'Hydrogen: it's in the air and it will kill you if you breathe too much'

And don't get me started on the two poor, vacuous madams who seemed quite convinced that they were going to die because 'some studies are showing that there might possibly be a small chance that if you eat 17 Juicy Tubes a day, you might, at the age of seventy, get a bit of a cough.'

It really just descended into bullying at that point. But then again, you shouldn't eat toothpaste, you weirdo.

I very much look forward to seeing smug Sarah 'there's no poison in my wee because I don't wear deodorant' Beeney's organic product range in store soon.

In case you weren't sure, this show made me very, very angry.
Sarah, you made the list.

Trick or Treat: Parlour Treats

Hands up if you live in London. Apologies for non-cockernees but today, treat is from the pamper palace that is The Parlour in Shoreditch.

I love living in London. There's always things to do, shoes to buy and cocktails to drink but city life really takes its toll on your skin and hair. Well, the cocktails hardly help that either...

But lucky for us ladies, The Parlour has come up with the rather fabulous Congestion Charge treatments.

I ducked into the Ravey Street hideaway for the hair treatment and after just a couple of seconds, forgot I'd just been almost run over on Old Street. The salon is a total girly sanctuary, all raspberry pinks, sexy chandliers and funky jazz. After filling in a short questionnaire and downing a sneaky champers, I was led away for my treatment. My hair was washed with a gorgeous MOP basil and mint shampoo and then treated to an Indian head masssage. Head massages rank somewhere up there with Christian Louboutins, Christmas and Hotel Chocolat pralines for me so, I could have stood for the massage to last a bit longer but to be fair, I am greedy (news to no one, I know). After my blowdry, I had the shiniest goddarn hair I have ever had in my life. So shiny in fact, that I skipped and swished down the Great Eastern Road, scoffing at the assymeteric geek pie debacles populating the heads of Shoreditch - shiny healthy hair is always a fashion winner, Nathan Barley.

If it's your skin that is suffering, opt for the the Congestion Charge facial, £65 for 1 hour, but if sleek, shiny hair is your thing, you should totally give this a go. I was getting compliments for days and my LA parched locks loved the moisture injection. It's the perfect solution if you're going through autumn frizz too.

And the best bit? The hair treatment is usually £25 but between now and December, you can get it absolutely free with any haircut!

Now don't say I'm not good to you...

Friday, 12 October 2007

A Beauty-Full Christmas: Best Friends

I am aware that there are some people out there who find Christmas shopping a chore.
I am not one of them. For the uninitiated, I freaking LOVE Christmas.
I love the repetitive carols, the tacky decorations and I love the elbows, get out of my frickin' way Christmas shopping.
(Which is why I'll be nicking off to NYC to do mine... ahem)

So every Friday between now and Christmas, I will be doing my darndest to save you lovely people from the hell of standing in Boots on Christmas eve, tossing up between the battered bottle of Armiage or the ninth you've bought footspa in ten years.
Your mum deserves better.
Where possible I've added a retailer with online option if you really can't be arsed to leave your desk. Aren't I good to you?

Today we're starting with booty for your bessie - presumably you like your best friend and would like to put some thought, effort and credit card space into them, so I've got the goods below...

Benefit always have some wicked gift sets at Christmas and this year, I really like the Justine Case. Far be it from me to suggest Benefit have come up with the world's cutest Walk of Shame Survival Kit but if you through in a mini toothbrush, a pair of pants and that mini nivea deodorant the smug tart on the advert is so keen on touting, your best friend need never roll into work in the same clothes twice in one day again.
Not that I'm saying she's a slag.
To try and dig myself right out of this one, I will now attempt to dazzle you with a pic...

The kit contains Some Kinda Gorgeous for evening up her skin and covering minor imperfections (ahem) lovely, lovely Eyecon eyecream, California Kissin' the fab new smile brightening, breath freshening lipgloss and a mini vial of Benetint for a healthy glow.
It's TOTALLY a morning after kit...
£22.50 at

Bobbi Brown
There's not a friend in the land who wouldn't love one of Bobbi's cool new Metallic eye palettes. For me, it's Midnight Metallics that get me all excited. A beautiful trio of stormy smoky shades.

Yum. For a more failsafe option, go for Burnt Sugar, three fab shimmery browns. For the more adventurous ladies, try the Velvet Plum or Forest Metallics.
Go to the website and observe these immediately. Then really try hard not to keep it when it arrives...
Worth knowing BB sent me a lovely email reassuring me that any orders and deliveries would not be held up by the pesky postal strike. I know the posties are worried about their jobs but I'm worried about my swag! Give a girl a break!

Belle en Rykiel
If you've lucked out and got a fashionista for a friend, you could do a lot worse than this gorgeous gift box from Belle en Rykiel.

The latest fragrance from Sonia Rykiel, Belle en Rykiel is a sensual, oriental fragrance full of exciting floral and citrus top notes and then drying down to the most amazing amber. It's really one of a kind and the packaging is to DIE for.
£44 from for 75ml edp, 100ml body lotion and a 7.5ml mini parfum

Lee Stafford
If your girlie already smells pretty and looks nice, how about upgrading her hair kit?
Lee Stafford has very kindly combined his fabu new irons and a super cool (and super light!) new hairdryer into a swanktastic kit. And even more swanktastic is the price - it's currently only £37.50 at Boots! That's half FREAKING price!

And there's a paddle brush for spanking if she gets out of hand.

If you're buying for a friend that really knows what she likes and you're shatting yourself about getting it wrong (we've all got one, it's okay to admit it here), how about the Custom Blend service from Prescriptives?

This amazing looking kit includes a mixing bottle, a full sized custom blend foundation, a travel vial and custom blended concealer. Everything comes empty and your friend simply calls her nearest Prescriptives counter (presumably where you bought the box!) and makes an appointment to have her colours blended! It's the perfect gift for the girl who has - and wants - everything.
Having switched to this about a month ago, I can safely say, I'll never go back to off the rack foundation. There's just no comparison.
Hit your nearest Prescriptives counter or call 0870 034 2556 to find out more.

Phew - will that do you for now?
Lots more suggestions next Friday and lots more BeautyMecca every day!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Do the Pink Thing

Rounding up our week of beautiful buys that support breast cancer charities, we've got some gorgeous high end treats and a couple of handy must haves - your choice (but I'd get all of them if I were you...)

Starting with Bobbi Brown's Pink Ribbon duo. This lovely lipgloss and lipstick set is super wearable and super pretty. Go and grab it at your nearest counter now before it sells out - you can read BeautyMecca on your mobile of BlackBerry you know, there's no excuse to still be at your desk...

If you're feeling a bit fruity, you could opt for the Missoni Profuma. A beautiful work of art in itself with the added bonus of smelling delish and a big old donation to charity. Gorgeousness itself.

Boots has a fantastic range of products that support Breast Cancer Awareness and they're all available on so get clicking! My two personal favourites are the mini kabuki brush for just £5 and the travel kit containing plastic containers and a spatula, how great is that?

Tomorrow is the beginning of a Beauty-Full Christmas on BeautyMecca... Man alive I love Christmas so bah-humbug to all you Scrooges, it's time to start shopping!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Think Pink!

I have fallen deeply in love with Prescriptives and anything that allows me to further my crush is well received. Sometimes (a while away from payday that is) I need an excuse, okay?

Today's recommended treat is Prescriptives beautiful Pink Ahead eye palette. For just twelve English pounds, three shimmering shades of gorgeousness can be yours and a whole FIVE of those pounds will go to the Breast Cancer Research foundation.

Hands up if you feel a little bit better about yourself right now...
Is it the warm glow of charity or the sparkling highlights from the light pink shade that you've dusted on the inner corners of your eyes and under your brows?

I'm going to go with, both...

Monday, 8 October 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is two things on BeautyMecca, Trick or Treat month and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Luckily, thanks to some fab companies like Estee Lauder and Boots, we get to combine helping out an amazing charity and treating ourselves. Isn't this a wonderful world?

I'm hoping there's no one out there reading this that isn't already aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I've also got my fingers crossed that you not only know about it but also know how important it is to be breast aware (and no, I don't mean who's had them done and who hasn't. Well, I usually do but not right now).

I had a breast cancer scare when I was just 18. I found a lump in the shower and, too scared to tell my mum, I took myself off to the doctors and they made me an appointment at the local hospital. As soon as the letter arrived confirming the appointment, I took a deep breath, told my mum (in the car - not advisable) and more or less fell apart. Finding the lump wasn't so bad, going to the doctor was a bit weird but telling your mum? That was what made it real. The thought that I might have to undergo cancer treatment, lose a breast at the age of 18, even die... It was so, so scary for both of us but luckily, it turned out to be nothing serious and I was so happy I'd had the courage to deal with it instead of hiding. See, sometimes you need balls to look after your boobs. And sometimes you need your mum.

Despite going through all that, I know that I'm not as vigilent as I should be about checking my breasts so I'm begging you to please, please check yourself out. Visit and find out everything you need to know. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the pink ribbon badges sit so beautifully on this season's purple trend - buy one now!

There are a million ways for you to help raise money and awareness and we'll be looking at a different treat every day. Today I'm recommending the gorgeous, beautiful, shimmering shade of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ‘COSMIC PINK’ GLOSSWEAR FOR LIPS. This pretty gloss soothes and moisturises with aloe vera and linoleic acid and helps protect against environmental damage with antioxidants including Vitamin E and BHT. Gleaming, high-shine colour deposits colour directly onto lips with a comfortable plush wand. Yummy.

For each Glosswear for Lips sold in the UK, £2 will be donated in total to charity.
Pick yours up from Boots or today. And you know what? Get one for your mum too.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

A Level: Eyeliner

Now we've hit October, it's really time to wrap up Beauty School and look forward to my FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR - Christmas! No really, I already got the Boots Christmas Catalogue. Didn't you?

So today we're looking at a more advanced level of Beauty Schooling - eyeliner.

I heart eyeliner almost as much as Christmas. Smokey eyes, as is well documented, is my favourite make up look and with a little bit of practise and the right products, can be one of the easiest looks to achieve. To get a super simple look, all you really want is a soft, smudgy pencil to line your upper and lower lashes. This can be kept tame for daytime and really vamped up at night.

I love Stila's kajal pencils (Antique Silver is my top pick) as well as MAC's Technokohl Liner in Graphblack and Clinique's Kohl Shaper for eyes (which has it's own sharpener in the lid!). None of these pencils are going to drag on your skin, they're all going to sit nicely and smudge as they're told.

For a more wild look, go BeneFit's famous Bad Gal which is a big fat chunky pencil, perfect for dramatic rock chick looks. Mmm, sexy.

If you're prepared to sit the higher paper, you my want to brave liquid liners. Okay, I applaud you, so let's put on our best boyscout hats and be prepared. There are some fab products on the market now that mean you can cock up till the cows come home and still achieve a great, sharp line. MAC have some fab premoistened cottonbuds that come in individual sachets that you can pop into your handbag and clean up any mistakes without removing all your make up, while Colorspotr have this fantastic eyeliner remover pen that you literally draw over the eyeliner you need to remove like a felt tip, and off it comes - like magic! I live and die by this baby at the minute.

For a more versatile look, I really like Colorsport's 24 hour eyeliners. Again, they're just like felt tip pens and you can line your eyes anyway you like - thin defined line along the lashes? Fat smudgy sex kitten? You got it and it doesn't move until you take it off with make up remover.

When it comes to actual liquid eyeliner, to get this season's sexy 40s look, I LOVE Estee Lauder's Zero Smudge Double Wear Liquid Liner. The applicator gives me complete control and it doesn't budge once it's applied. Score.

See, you've graduated Beauty School with a huge tick!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Tomorrow is BeautyLover's birthday so posting might be delayed by endless whirl of parties and gifts... Or the hangover that follows tonight's drinking myself into denial.

Beauty School: Art and the use of colour

Granted this isn't the best entry to write on a BlackBerry as I can't add pics, but rest easy my lovelies, they will come.

Today's lesson is all about colour and the fact that you must use it. Seriously.

Let's start easy. Lips.everyone in christendom can wear a shot of colour on their pout. If you're brave, try this season's vamp red. Ruby Woo from MAC is a classic. For shy girls, try the new Saint colours from Poppy at Space NK. Lovely sheers with a punch of colour. Delish.

A fab new multiple which gives a pretty pop of wearable colour to lips and cheeks, is BeneFit's Rush Hour. An easy to blend neutral rose colour that's perfect for colour on the go. No mistakes, well, possible.

Now, where I tend to go colour crazy is on the eyes. I love a good slick of metallic green (mmm, Vincent Longo mousse shadows) or icy blue (try BeneFit snow day) but I do realise not everyone likes the 'could veer into tranny territory at any second' look but be brave.

Head to your nearest MAC or Nars counter (my favourite colour cosmetics) and experiment. The make up artists on hand will be more than happy to point you in some new directions. Once you're feeling braver, try some Urban Decay shadows or id Bare Minerals, all fab colour products. I love to create a base all over the lid with Stila smudge pots in green or colbalt blue and then soften to a smokey finish with the id bare minerals loose powder shadows for a different take on the average grey smokey eye.
If you're not up for all over colour, try coloured liner. It doesn't have to be too Lily Allen although that's fun too actually!

Go on, pick up a brush and go crazy.

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