Monday, 28 February 2011

NARS at Marc Jacobs

There are few things I love in this life more than Nars and Marc Jacobs* so imagine how excited I was when the face chart from this month's Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week show arrived in my inbox.

LEAD ARTIST: Fran├žois Nars, Founder & Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics

TREND: Blushed cheeks and defined upper eyes

INSPIRATION & LOOK: “The look started with a picture that Marc had of Christy Turlington with really fresh skin and rosy cheeks,” said Fran├žois Nars, Founder & Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics. “Marc wanted ‘icy cold cheeks’ and so the blush is drawn down in such a way that’s unusual...unusual, but decadent. Like a Renaissance painting.”

As is usually the case with fashion week, most of the products used are from future A/W collections but you can achieve similar results with current products.


Please excuse me. I must pop to the new Nars boutique on Bleeker Street - mere DOORS away from the Marc Jacobs store aka, my happy place. Sigh.

*I don't care what that says about me. I like things.


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