Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Happy New Year and The Importance of Elemis

Really, January has completely passed me by and if you could see the state of me, you'd know that was true. I look a mess. Happily, I'm trying to get my shit together, mani-pedi yesterday, bikini wax and a facial tomorrow and next week, I'm getting the mop done. Blonde roots on red hair are not attractive. I know that sounds like an incredibly wasteful waste of money but really, I need these things. I'm thirty now. Shit's getting real.

Pretty much the only thing that's keeping me together is my dedication to Elemis skincare. I've preached and preached before so I'm not going to shove it down your throat (USE IT!) but if you were thinking about giving it a go, you could do a lot worse than the limited edition Anti-Ageing Detox Regime on elemis.com. It includes all my favourites, including the amazing Skin Bliss capsules. I'm not sure what is in these bad boys (mostly because I haven't read the packaging properly) but I can see their effects immediately. I love them. I'm down to my last two. I need to get some more. It's possible you'll see me scouring the streets of Brooklyn tomorrow, looking for a dealer to hook me up.
Anyway, have a look on the website, check it out.

I'm also trying L'Age de The's Herbal Detox tea. It's chock full of milk thistle, dandelion roots, calendula and vanilla roobios to detox your skin and cleanse your system.
Can't hurt can it?
And it is tea after all.


Michaela 27 January 2011 at 14:46  

dear lindsey,

I love trying new beauty products, unfortunately I can't buy Elemis here in Austria, there's no official distributor in this region... shit...

so let's go shop together ;-) - let me know when and where... :-)

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