Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Now, I don't know about you but I happen to love it when things are All About Me and so, imagine my excitement when I was reminded of the really rather exciting Bionova range.

WARNING - this is not a credit crunch friendly article. It is however fabulousness friendly so please read on...

Basically, Bionova pimps itself out as a 'hyper' natural brand and is the number one seller in Barneys in my soon-to-be-home of NYC (and we LOVE Barneys people). By asking you all kinds of questions about you, your skincare needs, your environment, your age, gender and blah blah blah, you end up with an entirely personalised product. And it's not like one of those 'personalised' things where there are actually three variations - the likelihood of two creams being created the same is one in 60 million. Seriously.
And if that wasn't cool enough, they actually print your name on the jar.
No, really. It's ace.

The personalised products take 48 hours to turn around and all the reviews and word of mouth reports I've had have been incredible. Because the skincare regime is tailored specifically to your wants and needs, it delivers and fast.

Of course, this kind of wonder comes at a price. Custom creams


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