Thursday, 10 July 2008

sorry, I'm crap

Sorry kids, I've been so out of it this week.
Promise not to let you down next week - I even missed the Cosmo Beauty Awards on Tuesday due to lurgy - yuck!

However, I have been lifted out of my misery by the AH-MAZING Spa Paradisa products at Superdrug. The ridiculously beautiful Coconut and Frangipani body cream has TOTES replaced my Bliss Lemon+Sage. I know. Massive. And it's only £8.00.

I've never ever in my whole life had so many compliments from so many people about a product, boys like it, girls like it, the lesbians at Tegan & Sara's gig liked it, my parents liked it, my cat seemed quite keen - it's a miracle. And it's really really effective. I'm buying in bulk.

Move over Body Shop Body Butters, your time is up.


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