Saturday, 29 September 2007

LA Confidential

LA is a really weird place. Luckily, it is punctuated with many branches of Sephora and various department stores.

I tried not to get sucked in but I really did love it. So random! However, it's super tricky to try and describe an LA look to you. We saw a whole lot of Amy Winehouse-a-likes in Chateau Marmont, Mischa Barton wannabees at the beach and Paris after Paris after Paris at the shops. Interesting.
I'd have to say, go fresh faced by day - don't forget a touch of bronzer- and vamp up the eyes at night. Skin should always, always stay fresh and glowy.

To be honest, I didn't get a whole lot of BeautyMecca time (sorry for ditching you) but I did get the chance to try out a couple of fun new BeneFit products - Rush Hour and That Gal. Rush Hour is an easy to use multiple that gives cheeks and lips a rosy glow while That Gal was perfect for a fresh faced no make up look. It's a primer that really does cool and even your skin. Plus it looks like a pritt stick. Score.

MAC had some wicked 3D lipglosses that were super shiny and Vincent Longo was rocking some amazing moussey textured eye colours in gorgeous metallic green, bronze and pale gold. Mmm.

I also fell in love with Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. So pretty.

I think I've got just enough time to mention the very LA 'Go Smile' tooth whitening thingy I picked up in Sephora. Go Smile is a peach flavoured tooth whitening gel in a handy disposable tube, like a little bit lipgloss but less sparkly colour and more burn the crap off your teeth. So if you happen to be in Hollywood, you've just necked a bottle of red wine with your lunch and you've got a big love scene with Peter from Heroes that afternoon, you're good to go... (who wouldn't be?)
Aaand, ACTION!


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