Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colour Xtreme Summer Hair + Giveaway

Well, Glasto is almost over except because it's Glasto, we're waiting for Beyonce, not the fat lady, to sing. Much more glamorous. If you, like me, would rather cut off your right arm than hole up in a filthy mud hole for nigh on a week, just to get a glimpse of Bono being, well, Bono (or another word that also has four letters but starts with a 'c') there's a way to experience festival chic* without leaving the comfort of your own home.

I've always been a massive fan of colouring my hair and have sported many, many different hues in my day. Including pink. At the moment, I'm having kittens over the fact that my fiery red locks won't allow for the awesomeness that is ombre hair. You know all those super cool girls whose hair looks like it's been dip-dyed? Yeah, that. In fact, my amazingly hip hairdresser has her hair like it, a mid-brown fading down into sun-kissed blonde. In fact, half of Williamsburg has their hair like it. And so did half of Glasto.

Happily, thanks to the awesomeness of Colour Xtreme colour sprays, you don't have to a) commit to a very strong look that you might go off after a few days or b) the expense of a very strong look you might go off after a few days. For less than a fiver you can get yourself down to Boots, buy a can of Colour Extreme and do it yourself. Either buy a darker shade and spray into your roots to darken the top or buy a fun colour and dip dye the ends. Blonde hair looks very summery with pink tips... Just spray in, let it settle then brush it through. When you're bored, wash it out. Amaze. For some actual useful tips, they've got a Facebook page. Have a look.

And because the people at Colour Xtreme know we like to try new things, they've given me a FULL SET of colour sprays to give away. Email me at and say I WANT AWESOME HAIR to be entered into the draw. You've got ONE WEEK!

*let's be honest, who looks chic after a festival? Disgusting. Just get the Colour Xtreme and don't worry about the rest of it.


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