Monday, 22 October 2007

Treat: Meet a Peat Treat!

Couldn't resist the alliteration, sorry.

Today's treat is a fantabulous face mask from Balaton Spa. You might have seen it already on Trinny and Susannah or How to Look Good Naked but let's be honest, you can't trust TV like you can trust your very own BeautyLover, can you???

You'll be happy to know I loved this product and Trinny, Susannah and Gok were all telling you the truth. It's packed full of nutrient and botanical rich moorland peat and moor water so no evil Sarah Beeney-banned pthalates... If you can get past the fact that it looks, feels and smells like you're smearing mud all over your face (which you are actually) and your boyfriend won't scream with fright when you emerge from the bathroom with the incredibly politically incorrect, Angelina Jolie as Marianne Pearl, 'black face', then really give this a go.

They say: This unique Mask is 100% natural. It deep cleanses, purifies and refines dull and tired looking skin, even after the very first application. It leaves you feeling fresh and radiant- Like a mini face lift, and suitable for all skin types/sensitive.
1. Helps to prevent premature ageing.
2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles.
3. Luxurious Skin Moisturiser.
4. Deeply Hydrates Stressed Skin restoring skin softness.
5. Skin Reviver, Protector and Nourisher.

I say: My skin glowed for days and the gentle exfoliating effect didn't leave me with any of my usual redness. Happiness. And putting it on it funny but don't use your best towels to get it off.

Grab a pot o'peat from for a mere £19.95


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